The Truth About Vaccine-induced Myocarditis: Part 2

The Truth About Vaccine-induced Myocarditis: Part 2
A medical volunteer prepares a Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for a patient in Orange, Calif., on March 9, 2021. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)
Since the publication of my first viral essay "The Truth about Vaccine-induced Myocarditis," my critics have vigorously attacked it as "misinformation." Meanwhile, the mainstream media and the public health establishment have turned a blind eye to what I view as one of the gravest harms ever done to a generation of young people.

Irrespective of popular opinion, over the past couple of months more robust scientific evidence has emerged confirming the known risk of vaccine-induced myocarditis, making any reflexive dismissal and governmental coercion even more unethical and, dare I say, criminal than before.

As has been long-established, the greatest known risk associated with mRNA COVID-19 vaccines is myocarditis (swelling of the heart muscle). This risk predominantly affects men under the age of 40. According to an Oxford paper from December, this demographic has higher rates of vaccine-induced myocarditis than myocarditis from COVID-19 (specifically from Moderna doses 1 and 2 and Pfizer doses 2 and 3).
A recent paper published in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation investigates and synthesizes the current body of research on the cardiac risk of vaccinating children and young adults. The authors conducted a rigorous risk-benefit analysis of child vaccination using data on comorbidities, myocarditis, infection, and hospitalization rates in children. They found COVID-19 vaccination to be favorable (the benefits outweigh the risks) in only a select few demographics.
For girls (ages 12–17), double-vaccination is generally favorable in those who are nonimmune and have a comorbidity. Girls with natural immunity and girls without immunity who don't have an underlying health condition are at greater risk than benefit from double-vaccination. Note: the first scenario of nonimmune girls is increasingly nonexistent. A recent study showed 75 percent of kids have had COVID-19 infection.

Now onto the risk-benefit profile for boys with varying health factors.

According to the paper, the only case in which the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks in young males is the following:

1) No history of prior COVID-19 infection.

2) One vaccine dose.

For boys who aren't in both of these categories, vaccination is uniformly more dangerous.

As the authors write: "In boys with prior infection and no comorbidities, even one dose carried more risk than benefit according to international estimates. In the setting of omicron, one dose may be protective in nonimmune children, but dose two does not appear to confer additional benefit at a population level."

As study author Dr. Tracy Høeg further expanded on Twitter:

"If vax not reliably preventing transmission & there is not significant detectable benefit against severe disease at population level for 5-11 year olds + some risk & if benefits of vaccination have not been demonstrated in previously infected, child mandates are not rational or ethical."

Most broadly, this exhaustive risk-benefit analysis highlights the importance of individualized vaccine decisions. The all-or-nothing approach of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Canadian public health authorities has muddied the waters and created a crisis of institutional trust and integrity. In Canada, online users are regularly bombarded with propagandistic vaccine ads not for the elderly or those at risk, but for children.

When one even dares to explore the motives and profit incentives motivating these unscientific pushes to uniformly vaccinate all children, one is derailed as a right-wing conspiracy theorist. Such has been the fate for renowned left-leaning podcasters such as Russell Brand and Joe Rogan.

Even more damning than Dr. Høeg and colleagues' analysis of existing research is a new large-scale Nordic study published last month evaluating the risk of post-vaccination myocarditis in 23 million Scandinavian residents. Researchers studied the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis in the 28-day risk period after administration of the vaccine.

As expected, males aged 16 to 24 have the highest rates of vaccine-induced myocarditis. The authors’ findings are stunning. First, the authors established a 13.7/million rate of infection-induced myocarditis.

Below is a summary (pdf) of vaccine-induced myocarditis rates for various doses (approximate calculations):

Post Pfizer dose 1: 15/million

Post Pfizer dose 2: 55/million

Post Moderna dose 1: 17/million

Post Moderna dose 2: 184/million

As an example, for every roughly 5,435 second doses of the Moderna vaccine given, one male (in the age range 16–24) will suffer from vaccine-induced myocarditis. And given the immeasurably low risk of serious COVID-19 disease in healthy men of that age category, this is a relatively high risk compared to a modest reward at best.

Notice even a single dose of the vaccine poses a higher threat of myocarditis than COVID-19 does. The average risk of vaccine-induced myocarditis from the second dose is more than eight times higher than that from infection.

It gets worse.

The study also finds vaccine-induced myocarditis to be a higher risk than COVID-induced myocarditis in men aged 25–39 for two doses of Moderna or Moderna-Pfizer combination.

For several months, the media and public health bureaucrats have been peddling dangerous misinformation about COVID-19 posing a higher risk to young men than the vaccine. Instead of examining individualized risk-benefit ratios, they look at the aggregate data and find a general benefit to justify their "everyone should get vaccinated!" campaign. A few of umpteen examples:

The Conversation: "Myocarditis: COVID-19 is a much bigger risk to the heart than vaccination"

Real Victims

While the data on vaccine-induced myocarditis is clear and compelling, it doesn't capture stories of real human lives victimized by a profit-driven system that forces individuals into compliance, regardless of risk.

I spoke to one such 33-year-old South Asian law enforcement member in my city.

"My life plans have completely changed. I was going to get married, buy a new house, move cities. It's all on hold now as I recover," he said.

As a healthy male with a strict gym and nutrition regimen (and prior infection), he didn't personally feel inclined to get the vaccine. However, working at a government agency he was mandated to get it. Losing his job was not even an option to consider.

Against his will, he got his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine (which has significantly lower rates of myocarditis) on Oct. 29. That night he experienced intense heart palpitations, but they entirely subsided by the next day. He didn't think of linking it to the vaccine.

Thirty days later he got his second dose with no immediate side effects.

Then on the night of Dec. 11 he came within an hour or so of dying from heart failure.

Heart palpitations suddenly took over him when he was lying in bed, and he got up to vomit several times, making him think the cause was food poisoning or some temporary respiratory illness like the flu. However, he started to have a hard time breathing, only being able to take shallow breaths. Being naturally quite resilient and "never having called 911 in my life," he was inclined to just bear the pain.

Thankfully, his girlfriend called 911 and an ambulance arrived.

When the paramedic measured his heart rate and it said 210 beats per minute (his baseline being 150), the paramedic couldn't believe that he was still alive. They had to then shock his heart with a defibrillator into a normal rhythm. Compounded by all the anxiety from the situation and the worsening pain in his chest, he was convinced he was about to die.

"I thought I'm never going to see my girlfriend and family again," he said. "Scariest time of my life."

Sometime after arriving at the hospital, his doctor said, "You're really lucky. If you had waited any longer, you would've died."

Fortunately, the hospital he was at had a specialized cardiology unit that was able to swiftly diagnose and treat his life-threatening condition. The doctor definitively diagnosed him with vaccine-induced myocarditis causing acute symptoms of high-risk arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), ventricular tachycardia, and cardiac myopathy.

After spending six days in the ICU and being prescribed five separate medications for his heart, doctors said he couldn't drive for 60 days and not return to normal physical activity and work for several months.

Five months since this near-death experience, he's still recovering from vaccine-induced myocarditis. As someone for whom exercising at the gym was a regular activity, he says it has taken a massive toll on his mental health.

"Working out of the gym helped clear my mind and establish discipline in my life," he said. "I can't jog, go for a hike, play tennis, or do any of the things for both my mind and body."

His condition is improving and he plans on returning to work in September, but only in a modified office role unlike his previous position at the law enforcement agency.

Perhaps the most damning insight from this young man's story is the alarming frequency at which others like him have suffered. The doctor at the hospital said he was his third vaccine-induced myocarditis patient in a month-and-a-half; meanwhile, his cardiologist said he was his fourth patient at his clinic in recent weeks.

Three vaccine-induced myocarditis patients in (roughly) 60 days in a single hospital—out of 139 total major hospitals in British Columbia—suggests this problem is prevalent enough to warrant not only an end to draconian government mandates but also the halt of the administration of the vaccine in young healthy men (until more studies are conducted).

Other countries have taken much more scientifically informed vaccine measures. The Moderna vaccine—associated with much higher rates of myocarditis—was paused in Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Iceland for use in young people.

The young man I interviewed mentioned the story of his close friend's male relative whose heart failed and who collapsed and died while feeding his infant child. A week-and-a-half prior he had taken his second vaccine dose.

While feeling incredible gratitude for his family and health, his indignancy at a system that forced him into submission can't be exaggerated.

"I'm living with the consequences of what the government made me do, not what I chose to do," he said.

"If you don't get the vaccine, you're an outlaw," he added. "And you must be vanished to some other place in society."

Even more concerning, his prompt vaccine-induced myocarditis diagnosis may be highly unusual due to perverse hospital incentives.

"One of my friends who is a doctor at another hospital says clear vaccine-induced myocarditis cases are rarely attributed to the vaccine," he said. "Often these patients have to fight with doctors to get a proper diagnosis. I'm not sure what's exactly going on, but there are some incentives in place to prevent the vaccine from looking dangerous in any way."

His near-death vaccine story illustrates the grave failures and corruption of our public health authorities dictated by the Canadian Liberal government. Instead of correcting course, the Canadian government is still emphatically insisting on the systemic discrimination of the unvaccinated.

This week, a conservative-lead motion in Parliament to end all travel mandates was overwhelmingly rejected by Liberal and New Democrat members of Parliament (201–112). No scientific analysis of the vaccine's inability to curb COVID-19 transmission can convince government officials to repeal their unconstitutional federal and travel mandates.

Meanwhile, countries around the world have abolished COVID restrictions. It's been a few months since the UK did exactly that, but over the past week, EU countries such as Germany, Spain, and Italy (with the strictest COVID restrictions) have opened their borders to unvaccinated travelers.

Canada's unrelenting authoritarian COVID response is as robust in the middle of 2022 as it was at the start of the pandemic. Vaccines have not been carefully tested and distributed as a vital and life-saving preventive measure for those at risk, but as a repulsive pledge of citizenship and virtue for everyone regardless of their age, health, and other risk factors.

Those who opt out of this new citizenship test have been stripped of their ability to work and contribute to our plunging economy, exercise at a gym, travel freely within their own country, and socially and financially thrive in the formerly "true, north, strong and free" liberal democracy.

Views expressed in this article are opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.
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