‘The Final War’ Documentary Reveals How the CCP is Waging War on America

‘The Final War’ Documentary Reveals How the CCP is Waging War on America
The Final War
Emily Allison

As of November 2022, over 1,070,000 Americans have reportedly died with COVID-19. This is more than the number of deaths incurred during World War II. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) covered up the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic and its possible ties to a lab leak in Wuhan, China. Meanwhile, China is supporting regimes like Russia and the Taliban and ramping up its military presence in the Taiwan Strait.

At the height of the global crisis, why is the CCP expanding its military and aggressively preparing for war? Is the pandemic an international public health crisis or an act of world war? The EpochTV documentary “The Final War” provides answers to these questions. With the help of CCP insiders, award-winning investigative reporter for The Epoch Times Joshua Philipp uncovers the true intentions of the CCP, tracing back to the origins of the Communist Party and its 100-year plot to destroy the United States.
The Final War | Official Trailer (2022, EpochTV)

Destroying America

Robert Spalding, a retired U.S. Airforce brigadier general and author of “Stealth War,” explains the CCP’s hidden agenda. According to Spalding, the CCP leadership has consistently advanced its agenda and is not far from achieving its ultimate goal. He explains that the CCP wants the death of America. “I’m a father,” says Spalding. “Like every dad, I want to see my kids grow and prosper. And I’m afraid for their future.” The documentary talks about China’s stealth war, explaining that, like the axis of evil during WWII, something similar exists today. Casey Fleming, CEO of BlackOps Partners, says this evil axis is between the CCP, Russia, Iran, and North Korea. These nations are hungry for world dominance and desire the destruction of America. The film shows how they share with each other military equipment, espionage, training, intelligence, etc., to achieve their goal on the world stage. “As long as it serves to defeat the free word, they’re in,” says Fleming.
The documentary goes into great depth in a multiple-part series to show how the CCP is at the center of recent world crises. This includes the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and current tensions in the Taiwan Strait. Meanwhile, America is trying to catch up while struggling with inflation and the post-pandemic economy.

Greatest Military Threat

To understand the crucial military threat that the CCP poses to the United States, the documentary details the escalating tensions in the Taiwan Strait. Taiwan is a U.S ally. In August 2022, the Chinese regime held a major military drill surrounding the island, simulating a blockade. The CCP has said they are willing to block or take the island in an all-out war. Taiwan sits at a pivotal point in a chain that the United States sees as its first line of defense against the CCP’s naval expansion into the Pacific. If Taiwan is lost to China, it would be much harder for the United States to protect other surrounding nations, like Japan and South Korea. U.S. naval bases would be in danger, and if China put a naval base in Taiwan, that could affect the safety of places like Guam, the Philippines, and even Australia. Worse, deep water ports on the East Coast of Taiwan would allow Chinese nuclear submarines to enter the Pacific Ocean without being detected by U.S. forces. This would threaten every island in the Pacific, including Hawaii and the U.S. West Coast. The film puts it simply: the security of Taiwan is the security of Asia, and the security of Asia is related to the security of the rest of the world.

Nuclear Arms Race and Terrorism

China has been drastically building up its nuclear arsenal, with advanced hypersonic weapons that can go undetected by the United States. High-up U.S. military officials have warned that China may be looking to launch a surprise nuclear attack. Russia and the CCP are getting closer all the time, having signed a series of agreements with each other promising cooperation with no limits.

The film shows the relationship between China and the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan following the exit of U.S. troops. Why is China working with a terrorist group? Internal Chinese strategy advisers have laid out the plan simply: because America is a free nation, it can be difficult for people to agree on what to do. The documentary says China understands that if America has one enemy, the country can unify against that enemy. But if it has multiple enemies, it will lose focus and fight within itself. The strategy also prefers that one enemy be a terrorist organization. In other words, the goal of the CCP is to distract the United States. Spalding says all Americans, regardless of their political affiliations, must understand that the greatest military threat facing the United States is the CCP.

An image from video footage featured in "The Final War" documentary about the Communist Party of China's plot to defeat the United States. (EpochTV)
An image from video footage featured in "The Final War" documentary about the Communist Party of China's plot to defeat the United States. (EpochTV)

Stealth World War III

According to the EpochTV documentary, a concept that has increasingly been coming from the CCP is talk of World War III. Chinese media called the pandemic World War III, citing the phycological war and the panic that would result in the collapse of the Western stock market. Top CCP officials have openly declared the pandemic a battle for the ascension of China to the center of the world order on a path to global domination. The film says the CCP used the coronavirus as an opportunity to learn how to control the world. It explains that the CCP’s goal is to defeat the democratic system and convince the world that a communist dictatorial system is the only one capable of leading.

The 100-Year Plot

Inside sources told The Epoch Times that since 1949 when the CCP took power, they have been following a strategy to defeat the United States and dominate the world. Their goal is to achieve this by 2049, the anniversary of the CCP’s founding.

At its founding, the CCP laid out two basic strategic principles for the United States. First, “the United States is the ultimate enemy of the CCP, and defeating the United States is the only way for the party to achieve global domination.” Second, “defeating the United States is a long-term process and a protracted war.” Review of internal meeting recordings, documents, and the founding CCP leader’s own words all link directly to one ultimate goal.

The documentary shows the history of CCP–U.S. relations. Opening China was part of the CCP’s ploy to change the world order fundamentally. The United States saved the CCP from the Soviet Union by offering its protection. But this didn’t stop Chinese leaders from seeing America as the ultimate enemy.

The documentary reveals China’s journey of deceit as they built strength (often using the United States to do it) and bided their time. U.S. lawmakers have often hoped China would become a free market economy and even a free country. America has shared valuable resources, technology, investment, education, military goods, and intelligence with China.

The film explains that China cannot thrive under conditions of normal competition. The CCP steals property rights to develop, and the Chinese economy is highly dependent on external resources. It knows there is only one way for it to compete, and that is hegemony.

The documentary shows how the CCP often intentionally makes it look like they are opening up to capitalism and democracy. Still, every company in China, even those claiming to be independent or private, is controlled by the CCP. Foreign companies that do business with China are forced to share their private technology with the nation. This has helped the CCP build up its own brands and capture and monopolize the domestic markets, flooding the international market and squeezing out established manufacturers.

Social War

The film says the CCP is much stronger today but still refuses to implement political reforms as promised. Instead, they are ramping up attacks against America. Now that the CCP is fully integrated into the Western free market system, they take advantage of the open society. “This involves every man, woman, and child, and not the military,” says Fleming. “It is not targeted at the military. It is targeted at families. So we have to become comfortable with the term warfare under our own roofs and in our companies. We have to all understand we are at war.” The film labels the current situation with China as “unrestricted warfare,” which means the CCP will use every tool and point of contact to overwhelm American society. Through schools, congress, local governments, media, TV, social media apps, etc., the CCP’s infiltration into American society is well established. Once tainted by the CCP, American industries and institutions can reach American households. The film says the goal is to corrupt people’s morality and use those who have been corrupted to destroy America step by step.
An image from video footage featured in "The Final War" documentary about the CCP's plot to defeat the United States. (EpochTV)
An image from video footage featured in "The Final War" documentary about the CCP's plot to defeat the United States. (EpochTV)

What Can Americans Do?

The CCP has already killed over 70 million of its citizens. It is responsible for a host of atrocities and human rights violations. The EpochTV documentary describes the CCP as a parasite. It cannot survive independently, so it draws nutrients from the world to make itself strong. To defeat the CCP, the nutrients need to be cut off.

First, according to the documentary, the United States must disentangle from the CCP through legislation, business dealings, and institutions. Next, America must rebuild its infrastructure, using capital that is no longer going to China. Once this is done, jobs will come back, and America will prosper, providing the best life for its people. When this happens, other nations will realize that liberty, human rights, and free trade define a successful and thriving society, not forced organ harvesting, genocide, and oppression. The film says that if Americans wake up to this common goal, they can defeat the CCP and ensure a future of freedom and prosperity for the world.

Watch “The Final War” on EpochTV here.
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