Planning the Perfect Election Storm

Planning the Perfect Election Storm
Thousands of ballots sit in boxes as Utah County election workers process the mail-in ballots for the midterm elections on Nov. 6, 2018, in Provo, Utah. (George Frey/Getty Images)
Kenneth R. Timmerman

It’s happening right before our eyes all over the country, and yet, the national media still claims there’s no such thing. It’s called voter fraud.

We’re witnessing the most brazen attempt to steal an election since the Chicago mob delivered Illinois for JFK in 1960, or the graveyards of Baltimore voted Parris Glendening into office as Maryland’s governor in 1994.

While Democrat talking heads continue to claim without evidence that Donald Trump is planning to “steal” the election, Democrat operatives are allegedly putting in place the election machinery that will guarantee a fraudulent result on behalf of Joe Biden and other Democrat candidates. I call it the election heist.

Their schemes are shocking in their brazenness. Judge for yourself:

Last week, the intrepid James O’Keefe of Project Veritas revealed undercover video of Somali vote-stealing activists describing how they were “harvesting” votes from unwitting seniors and new immigrants in Minnesota, to allegedly help elect Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and a Somali local councilman.

“Can’t you see?” one of them tells a Project Veritas undercover reporter, pointing to 300 blank absentee ballots. “Look at all these. My car is full.”
In Florida, billionaire Mike Bloomberg announced on Sept. 22 that he had raised $16 million to pay fines for 32,000 released felons so they can vote in the upcoming election. Recent changes to Florida law restore voting rights to felons who have completed their sentences, but only once they have paid any outstanding fines or fees. Democrats assume that black and Latino felons will vote overwhelmingly Democrat, despite Trump’s historic criminal justice reform. Rep. Matt Goetz (R-Fla.) told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo that he’s asked the state attorney general to launch a criminal probe of Bloomberg’s actions.

And then there’s the mail-in ballots that are going missing.

On Sept. 21, the Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, district attorney called in the FBI to investigate “a small number of military ballots” discovered in the trash. Initial reports claimed that all nine of the recovered ballots had been votes for Trump. A subsequent statement from the U.S. attorney clarified that seven of the discarded ballots were for Trump, while two others had been resealed in their original envelopes by Luzerne elections staff so the contents were “unknown.”
The following day, three trays of mail, including an unspecified number of mail-in ballots, were found in a ditch outside Greenville, Wisconsin. Several thousand Wisconsin voters were disenfranchised during the April 2020 primary election because their mail-in ballots never arrived or weren’t counted.
In North Carolina, a nonprofit group connected to former Attorney General Eric Holder partly funded a group that successfully sued the state to allow election officials to count mail-in ballots received nine days after election day. Similar lawsuits have extended the deadline for receiving mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania (three days after the election), Minnesota (eight days), Wisconsin (six days), and Michigan (14 days).

What do all these cases have in common? They involve swing states won by Trump in 2016 that the Biden camp is hoping to win this year by harvesting absentee or mail-in ballots.

At best, the extended deadlines mean that key swing states will continue to count votes for up to two weeks after the election, before being able to certify a winner. At worst, in states such as Minnesota that have ruled to accept ballots without a postmark, it means that political operatives can harvest votes for days after Election Day—once they know how many extra votes their candidate needs to win.
The president has been warning for months about the dangers of mail-in ballots. This has led to accusations he’s trying to intimidate voters, or that somehow he plans to influence the U.S. Postal Service to delay or even prevent the delivery of mail-in ballots.

In fact, what’s happening is precisely the opposite.

What we appear to be witnessing is a coordinated effort by a network of Democrat legislators, lawyers, activist groups, and their billionaire donors to steal an election with thousands and possibly millions of illegal votes.
A recent nationwide study of voter rolls in 42 states by the Public Interest Legal Foundation identified nearly 350,000 “apparently deceased registrants” in 41 states, “with New York, Texas, Michigan, Florida, and California alone accounting for 51 percent of the total.”

With many states now allowing ballots to be “harvested” by third-party canvassers, and some such as Minnesota waiving the requirement that the voter’s signature be witnessed, rest assured that many of these dead will be voting Democrat.

Biden has an increasingly narrow pathway to the 270 electoral votes he needs to win. If he loses Florida, as seems increasingly likely, he must win Pennsylvania and then sweep the upper Midwest—Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota—to hit 278. If he loses just Michigan with its 16 electoral votes, he’s toast. The only way back to 270 is to flip Arizona.

But there’s no combination for Biden to win if he loses Pennsylvania and Florida. None.

Guess why the Democrats are expending extraordinary efforts to change the voting rules in the states Biden needs to win?

Running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) knows something about ballot harvesting. During her 2010 race for California attorney general, she was losing by 9 p.m. on election night by more than 10 percent. Three weeks later, after more than 2.3 million late or provisional ballots were counted, she won by less than 1 percent.

Harris was helped by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), known for allegedly providing foot soldiers for Democrat campaigns. As her opponent’s campaign manager recently described it, no one would today be speaking of Harris if it weren’t for alleged voter fraud.

“The county employees who were counting these ballots were all SEIU members, often proudly wearing SEIU gear and chumming around with Harris team officials,” GOP operative Scott Hounsell wrote. “As we were challenging a few votes, dozens of other employees were counting and eliminating votes on their own.”

Harris apparently embraces the Joe Stalin school of elections: It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.

Republicans at the national, state, and local level need to fight back in the courts while there’s still time to ensure that all mail-in ballots be postmarked by 8 p.m. on election night to prevent post-election voting. Otherwise, the system is being primed by Democrat activists for massive election fraud.

Kenneth R. Timmerman is a best-selling author of non-fiction, including “Deception: The Making of the YouTube Video Hillary and Obama Blamed for Benghazi.” The recently released “The Election Heist,” a fictional account of the 2020 election, is his fourth published novel. He was a member of the national security and foreign policy advisory board of Trump for President and was co-nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 with Ambassador John Bolton for his work on Iran.
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Kenneth R. Timmerman is a best-selling author, including “ISIS Begins” and the recently released "The Election Heist." He was a member of the national security and foreign policy advisory board of Trump for President and was co-nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 with Ambassador John Bolton for his work on Iran.
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