Eagle Forum: 51 Years Strong, Part II

Eagle Forum: 51 Years Strong, Part II
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Orlean Koehle
Continued from Part I
Eagle Forum’s national Eagle Council continued on Saturday, Sept. 30, at the Crystal City Marriot Hotel in Arlington, Virginia with additional outstanding speakers.

Gender Detransitioning

Chloe Cole, a 19-year-old from California, spoke on “From Transition to Detransitioning—Reclaiming my Childhood.”

She said she was a tomboy as a child and also was a little autistic and had ADHD, which made her feel like an outsider. This made her fall victim to schoolteachers and counselors and those in the medical profession who convinced her that she was born in the wrong body and would be much happier as a boy.

They also convinced her parents by telling them of the threat of suicide, saying, “Do you want a dead daughter or a live transitioned son?”

But Chloe had never thought of suicide, not until after the transitioning had taken place—the hormone therapy, the lowering of her voice, and at the age of 16, the removal of her breasts. She did not feel better; she felt miserable and had major depression. Then she thought of suicide.

Her senior year of high school, she decided being a boy was not what she wanted. She stopped taking the hormones and started detransitioning. She lost all of her friends in the trans community. They totally rejected her.

She began to speak out to tell her story to warn other kids not to do what she did. She also spoke before the Sacramento state legislators against various bills promoting transgender affirmation.

Her advice for adults is to listen to the children who are going through “gender dysphoria.” Find out the real source of their emotional problems.

She believes that the majority of them have had one of three experiences that caused them to feel alone and unhappy and more susceptible to the gender dysphoria propaganda:
  1. They come from families or foster families where there was some kind of trauma.
  2. They went through some kind of sexual abuse early in childhood.
  3. Thirty percent of them have some form of autism.
Once the causes of their emotional problems are understood and the proper counseling given, the gender dysphoria will go away. They should not be told they are born in the wrong body. That solves nothing. It just makes matters worse.

She also said social media made things much worse. These young and confused kids are given all sorts of bad advice on social media.

Ms. Cole, in the Q&A part, was asked whether lawsuits were helping to stop this. She said yes, and that she herself has a lawsuit against Kaiser in California for allowing their doctors to operate on someone so young—a minor, 16 years old—and remove her breasts.

Chloe Cole speaks on the steps of the California State Capitol in Sacramento, Calif., on March 10, 2023. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)
Chloe Cole speaks on the steps of the California State Capitol in Sacramento, Calif., on March 10, 2023. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

Helping Gender-Dysphoric Children

Maria Keffler, co-author of the book “Transing our Children,” spoke about “Desist, Detrans, and Detox—Getting Your Children Out of the Gender Cult.”

She said that 5 years ago she pulled her children out of public school, stopped all social media, and took away smartphones, where so much of the gender dysphoria is being pushed and promoted.

She said gender transitioning is a billion-dollar industry. By 2020, it was bringing in $1.5 billion for hormone therapy and sex operations. Over 40,000 girls in our nation are asking for GoFundMe money to pay for their “top surgery” operations.

Ms. Keffler stated that we need to teach our children the following truths and tell them to be prepared for false teachings: 1. There are only boys and girls; there are no other genders. 2. The Heavenly Father created you as either a boy or a girl for a purpose, and He pronounced all of His creations “very good.” 3. Some people will try to teach something different; be prepared for that and know it is false.

Woke Philosophy

Marlo Oaks, treasurer of Utah, spoke about “ESG—a Deep Dive.”

For those who do not know what ESG is, it stands for “Environment, Social, and Governance.” It is essentially “woke” philosophy running businesses, banks, and even government agencies.

If the business or agency is properly “green” environmentally, goes along with the latest “social justice” fads, and pushes global governance, it will get extra points, extra money, and a higher social credit score (just as in China).

Examples of companies that were going for high ESG scores were Target and Bud Light, and they were strongly boycotted because of it. It appears Bud Light may never recover.

Mr. Oaks talked about how Utah was able to pass a bill to not allow ESG in the state—SB 96 and 97. It is now illegal for anyone promoting ESG to do business in Utah.

In 2022, Utah also got out of any affiliation with Blackrock, a big proponent of ESG, and Utah investors also left Blackrock.

COVID Vaccine Side Effects

Diane Counce, M.D., spoke on “Neurological Treatments for Spike-Protein Induced Disease.”

Dr. Counce spoke of all the side effects that have happened to people after they got the COVID vaccine. These adverse reactions are supposed to be reported on the VAERS report, but very few are, maybe 1 percent.

Out of 42,086 who got the vaccine, there were 93,473 adverse reactions. There are two and a half risks of side effects per person.

These are some of the adverse reactions: The heart rate goes up; the muscle of the heart is affected; blood clotting happens; the spike protein crosses the blood-brain barrier, and brain fog happens; and strange symptoms such as hair loss, fatigue, or the nose being cold. The VAERS report had seven and a half pages of symptoms.

What helps? Dr. Counce mentioned ivermectin and NAC. She talked about how people who were vaccine injured had been helped using her protocol. Some were 80 percent better.

Corruption in Healthcare

Diana Lightfoot, who was a White House appointee for President Trump, spoke on “Protecting our Health, Freedom, and Civil Liberties Against Government Overreach.”

She said: “We are on the brink of losing our country. Washington D.C. is not a swamp; it is quicksand.”

With open borders, corruption in high places, and complacency, others are full of fear. She talked about the medical and health freedoms that were taken away during COVID. People were forced to get the vaccine to keep their jobs; doctors were not allowed to give the medicine and procedures they knew really worked—like HCQ and ivermectin—at risk of losing their jobs.

Ms. Lightfoot believes what is driving health care now is control. It is all about “fear tactics and keeping a crisis going,” with ideas like “you never want a good crisis to go to waste” and “if at first you don’t succeed, lie, lie again.”

There has been “unprecedented mass psychosis.” We’ve been conditioned to not criticize—“just mask up, shut up, and stick out your arm.”

Ms. Lightfoot said that we must speak out against the three-letter health agencies: CDC, NIH, FDA, and especially the WHO, the greatest threat.

“We must stop being afraid and refuse to be lab rats,” she said. “We must stand for freedom to choose.”

The World Health Organization

Kris Ullman, a lawyer and the national president of Eagle Forum, spoke on “Get Us Out of the WHO.”

She gave background on how the World Health Organization (WHO) got started in 1940 and how it has usurped more power as the years have gone by. Its leader is a known communist.

It now has plans for running the world using a pandemic as the right crisis to usher in all the controls for world governance. The Draft WHO Convention, to usher in these controls, purposely left out the word “treaty,” so our Senate does not have to vote on it. Any crisis could be used as the next pandemic, even “climate change.”

Ms. Ullman said President Trump had the good sense to pull us out of the WHO. President Biden put us back in. We need everyone’s help to get America out of it again.

Lunch Program

For the lunch program, the Girl’s Choir of Alexandria, Virginia, which includes the youngest daughter of the Ullmans, sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” with beautiful harmony.

Faith, Not Fear

Anne Schlafly Carpenter, CEO of Eagle Forum, was the featured speaker. She first showed a copy of her newly written book on the Constitution, “Is the Constitution in Jeopardy?” She spoke on “Practicing Faith Not Fear: Ten Things You Can Do.”
Her 10 suggestions were:
  1. Be a leader; stand up and inspire others to action.
  2. Question “The Authorities”; don’t blindly accept what government tells you, but demand to see the evidence.
  3. Talk face-to-face with people and don’t rely on the internet for communication.
  4. Teach civics. Our founding documents have the roadmap for liberty.
  5. Demand consumer choice. It is not the government’s business what energy we use in our homes and cars.
  6. Question the weather hyperbole; storms are not the end of the world. The weather is politicized to make you afraid.
  7. Real education is knowledge, not diplomas.
  8. Vote. It is not just your vote but everyone you inspire to vote.
  9. Counter the slurs of the Left by using clear language that explains their goals: to take control and deprive you of liberty.
  10. Joy is infectious. Be joyful and your message will win.

Closing Remarks and Dinner

Ms. Ullman gave some closing remarks about relying on faith, not fear, and the 51st Eagle Council came to an end. Everyone I spoke to felt it was a wonderful four days and well worth the effort in coming. I certainly felt the same.

However, for those who hold leadership positions, Eagle Council was not quite over. There was an evening dinner and then two special speakers.

Mr. Chris Ullman, author of two great books and managing director of a successful private equity firm, spoke on what he has learned from working with very successful people.

He was followed by Marissa Hamilton from Arizona, who spoke on what she had done to get lots of grassroots groups organized in Arizona. They are now speaking up for parental rights and winning elections.

Each of the state presidents then gave reports about what Eagle Forum was doing in their states, and the issue directors also gave reports. Then Eagle Council was over—adjourned until next September!

Views expressed in this article are opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.
Orlean Koehle is a former teacher, now author, who has written 14 books, all nonfiction. Koehle has served as the state president of Eagle Forum of California for 20 years. Her books can be found at BooksforTruth.com.
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