Communism Is Satanic by Nature

Communism Is Satanic by Nature
A White Russian anti-Bolshevik propaganda poster from 1919 depicts senior communist leaders Lenin, Trotsky, Kamenev, Radek, Sverdlov, and Zinoviev sacrificing an allegorical character representing Russia to a statue of Karl Marx. (Public Domain)
Joshua Philipp

Communism has caused the deaths of more than 100 million people over the last century through famine, political killings, and genocide. It has created societies where power is held by a small group that enslaves entire nations and where killing fields, gulags, and reeducation-through-labor camps become part of everyday life.

But the economic failures, mass killings, and slave nations created by communism are not the biggest crimes of the system.

The biggest crime of communism is its destruction of the human soul.

A key goal of communism is to demoralize societies—to destroy the culture, religion, and basic values of any society it touches.

This goal is laid out clearly in “The Communist Manifesto,” in which Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote in 1848 that communism “abolishes all religion, and all morality.”

The most terrifying thing for someone is the destruction of faith, belief, and morality. In the Bible, the Book of Matthew states, “Fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in Hell.”

We’ve seen repeatedly that the goal of communism is to destroy the soul of humankind.

When a famine swept Russia in 1921 after former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin ordered seeds to be taken from the farmers, between 5 and 10 million people starved. According to “The Black Book of Communism,” Lenin’s response was that the famine was good for the communist movement, since “famine would also destroy faith not only in the tsar, but in God, too.”

While communism wears various masks, including attempts to convince people that its intentions are benign, the influence of its roots can always be seen. And while communism pretends to be atheist, many of its founders, including Marx, were not. They held satanic beliefs.

The Romanian preacher Richard Wurmbrand, who was imprisoned under communism, documented much of this history in his book “Marx and Satan.”

One example is Mikhail Bakunin, one of Marx’s partners in the First International, who wrote, “The Evil One is the satanic revolt against divine authority, revolt in which we see the fecund germ of all human emancipations, the revolution. Socialists recognize each other by the words ‘In the name of the one to whom a great wrong has been done.'”

He also stated, “In this revolution we will have to awaken the Devil in the people, to stir up the basest passions. Our mission is to destroy, not to edify.”

Marx’s satanism is evident in his early writings. He wrote in the poem “Invocation of One in Despair” that he would “build [his] throne high overhead,” and continued, “Cold, tremendous shall its summit be./For its bulwark—superstitious dread,/For its Marshall—blackest agony./Who looks on it with a healthy eye,/Shall turn back, struck deathly pale and dumb;/Clutched by blind and chill Mortality/May his happiness prepare its tomb.”

In Marx’s poem “The Fiddler,” he writes, “The hellish vapors rise and fill the brain/Till I go mad and my heart is utterly changed,” and, “See this sword—the Prince of Darkness sold it to me.”

Biographer Robert Payne wrote in his 1968 book “Marx” that Marx “had the Devil’s view of the world, and the Devil’s malignity. Sometimes he seemed to know that he was accomplishing works of evil.”

We can also show through the core tenents of communism that by its nature, it is satanic. This goes back to dialectical materialism, which Joseph Stalin described in 1938 as “the world outlook of the Marxist-Leninist party.”

Satanism works by inverting values within the Christian system. Dialectical materialism works by inverting the values of all traditional beliefs in all upright religious systems. It works on three principles to identify, contradict, and eliminate the middle. The inversion of whichever traditional value it is targeting becomes the issue pressed by communism, and it uses these inversions of traditions and morals to drive society into struggle, and to use this struggle to destroy the values that exist within that society.

Pope Pius XI wrote in 1937 that under this system, communism attempts to “sharpen the antagonisms which arise between the various classes of society.” Using this, he said, the communists create class struggle to create violent hate that can drive forward its issues under the false banner of “progress.”

Communism is not just a political system or an economic system. Its forms exist within many movements designed to destroy our values, our traditions, and our beliefs. It is a specter, as Marx described it, that aims to destroy humankind.

Joshua Philipp is senior investigative reporter and host of “Crossroads” at The Epoch Times. As an award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker, his works include "The Real Story of January 6" (2022), "The Final War: The 100 Year Plot to Defeat America" (2022), and "Tracking Down the Origin of Wuhan Coronavirus" (2020).