China’s Assault on Our Country and Our President Will Not Be Forgotten

China’s Assault on Our Country and Our President Will Not Be Forgotten
Paramilitary police officers wearing face masks march next to the entrance of the Forbidden City in Beijing on Sept. 20, 2020. (Nicolas Asfouri/AFP via Getty Images)
Rudy Giuliani

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is directly responsible for the pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of American citizens, sickened millions more—including our president—murdered more than 1 million worldwide, and dramatically disrupted a period of historic economic prosperity.

Americans are breathing a collective sigh of relief as our commander-in-chief returns to duty after a bout with the CCP virus that involved a brief hospitalization and a weekend filled with anxious worry on the part of a country that’s still grappling with an invisible enemy that never should have reached our shores in the first place.
The CCP and the secretive and authoritarian regime it controls deserve the full blame for the coronavirus pandemic that has been an attack on the world. When the virus first appeared in Wuhan, CCP officials initially responded the way they normally do whenever something bad happens—with censorship and repression. Doctors who treated patients with the disease were forcibly kept silent. News articles and social media posts were aggressively censored. State authorities severely restricted everyday life.

All of it was geared toward keeping both ordinary Chinese citizens and the rest of the world in the dark about the emerging threat at the exact moment when preparation could have done the most good.

Once word inevitably leaked out of the country along with the deadly pathogen, CCP leaders turned to disinformation. In January, they convinced the CCP-friendly bureaucrats at the World Health Organization (WHO) that there was “no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission,” which bought the communist regime valuable time to hoard face masks and other medical supplies before other countries grasped the magnitude of the threat and began bidding up the prices in order to shore up their own stockpiles.
When the U.S. State Department realized what was going on and called China out for its lethal malfeasance, Chinese officials doubled down on their lies, attempting to cultivate an absurd conspiracy theory about the U.S. Army secretly bringing the coronavirus to Wuhan.

President Donald Trump was one of the first to recognize China’s culpability, but he had to contend with hostile, obstructionist Democrats—who were engaged in a politically motivated impeachment crusade during the critical early moments of the outbreak—every step of the way. When the president imposed life-saving travel restrictions on China as early as the end of January, former Vice President Joe Biden even accused him of “hysterical xenophobia” for taking drastic action to protect the American people.

Biden took almost two months to recognize the scope of this problem. He has certainly been reluctant to blame the CCP, which has provided Biden’s family with tens of millions of dollars. His son, his brother, and his sister-in-law may still be partners in business with high-level members of the CCP. In any event, the Biden family and the CCP have been engaged in numerous partnerships and businesses for at least the past five years. This explains Biden’s ridiculous comments such as China isn’t a “competitor” or a threat. He may be the only person in the world who believes that.

In the following months, Democrat governors, Biden, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) reacted very late—at least a month after Trump closed down China, they were still irresponsibly encouraging people to meet and congregate as usual. This caused many unnecessary deaths and accelerated the spread of the disease.

Maybe as a defense against criticism, when they finally acted, they overreacted. They issued draconian lockdown decrees that crippled the formerly booming economy much more than necessary, and forced schools, businesses, and churches to close while simultaneously encouraging mass gatherings of thousands of people shouting and screaming “Kill Police,” among other things, within 1 or 2 feet of each other.

They claimed they were relying on science, but were undermined by allowing and even praising the Black Lives Matter protests, almost all of which involved arson, looting, beatings, shootings, and overall chaos. There was no “science” indicating that the CCP virus was less of a threat to those advocating killing and beating up police officers.

Perhaps inevitably, the president of the United States was eventually struck by the same virus that has infected more than 7 million Americans. With months of scientific research yielding a fairly wide range of therapeutic options—due in large part to his Operation Warp Speed, which put everyone on Trump Time—Trump enjoyed far better odds than the unfortunate souls who were struck down in the early days of the pandemic, and his rapid recovery is providing much-needed reassurance and inspiration to the entire country.

His handling of this disease has been marked by optimism, as opposed to the Biden–Democrat reliance on dire predictions of the worst outcome. Utilizing the same optimism that I was taught helps to even improve your chances of beating cancer, he put his attention immediately on recovery, recognizing what Biden and his fellow Trump-hating Democrats ignore: that the CCP virus isn’t the same disease as in March. It is now an overwhelmingly curable disease, and our president is on the way to, if not already arrived at, a complete cure.

But he never would have fallen ill if not for the malicious actions of the CCP and the Chinese regime. Nor would millions of other Americans. Nor would the U.S. economic juggernaut have come to a virtual standstill, threatening countless workers and businesses all over the country.

None of this had to happen. It represents a crime against humanity. The blame rests entirely on the shoulders of the CCP’s autocrats, organized criminals, and murderers. Americans must never forget that. We have suffered a grave injustice—but, as always, we will emerge from this struggle reinvigorated and emboldened, just like our indomitable president. He is the symbol of an American people that has prevailed over challenges as great, or greater, than this throughout our history.

It leaves the American people facing a critical choice. Trump has been the toughest president on China since Nixon’s visit. The former vice president, on the other hand, was considered more favorable to China than even Obama and the Clintons. Of course, we didn’t know then that the Biden family was partners with, and in businesses with, the Chinese regime and several high-level members of the CCP.

It’s a scandal that this was covered up by our almost completely partisan intelligence agencies. But it does explain why Biden clings to the unique view, even among Democrats, that China isn’t a “competitor” or “threat” to the United States.

Rudy Giuliani is the former mayor of New York City.
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