Can Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Win the Nomination for President?

Can Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Win the Nomination for President?
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks at the Humanity Against Censorship rally in front of Meta headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., on May 19, 2022. (Mrs. Hao/The Epoch Times)
Jeffrey A. Tucker

Before you reject my speculation that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. can run and win against Joe Biden for the Democratic Party, consider this. The lockdowns and mandates of the last three years were the political, cultural, and economic crisis of this generation. There is no question that ignoring them is fruitless. Biden owns them. RFK Jr. is their most famed critic. Maybe he is the one who can finally break the silence within the party.

In early 2020, Democratic Party leaders and venues were mostly united against an authoritarian response to the virus, especially travel restrictions, which they condemned. Today, they are the ones preventing Novak Djokovic from playing in the U.S. Open because he is unvaccinated. In mid 2020, they were publicly distrustful of the vaccine. Today, they want jabs for kids who don’t need them even if the shots were safe and effective

How can we make sense of such policy chaos? The Biden administration has performed like a lawless junta, pushing policies not for the good of the country but for revenge against Trump and his supporters. This approach to government is beneath the dignity of any leaders in a civilized society.

Courts are striking down their actions daily. The mask mandates, the rent moratorium, their censorship of doctors via social media, and on and on—it’s all going down. The war in Ukraine hardly anyone understands or supports. The Biden laptop cover-ups are too much even for Democrats.

All in all, Biden has been responsible for betraying every value that Democrats claimed to favor until very recently, from civil liberties to peace to good government to genuine inclusion. The fashion for woke ideology might even have alienated the base more than is obvious to the eye. The sheer exotica and authoritarianism—like a dystopian movie—of this regime is beyond belief.

And to top it off, many of the Biden administration’s edicts have been scripted by pharmaceutical companies, which this government has allowed to buy and control the FDA and CDC and probably the FBI and CIA too. This is no longer a secret. The base gets this even if people do not understand how or why this has happened.

The mainstream news is filled with evidence that Democrats are fleeing the party in droves, especially white working class, Asians, blacks, and moms. What’s more, the migration out of Blue states is draining the party of intellectual capital. Party elites are aware that there is a serious problem.

No one understands the problem like RFK Jr. His book “The Real Anthony Fauci” came out two years ago. It is about much more than the title suggests. The first chapter alone is a classic of exposition that identifies nearly every problem of the lockdowns and mandates that actually began under a Republican administration, which were then made much worse by Biden. If you are going to read one book on the issue, this is an excellent one.
He has also written a deeply moving “A Letter to Liberals” that pleads with them to come back to the core values as represented by the presidency of his uncle John F. Kennedy and his father Robert. They both stood up to the military-industrial complex and paid the most terrible price for doing so. RFK now carries forth not only the name but also the intellectual and philosophical legacy.

He has high standing among the base for his view against corporate and government corruption. And I doubt anyone understands the issue of pharmaceutical power as well as he does. Certainly no one has fought against this more bravely than he. The national media will undoubtedly attack him as nothing but an anti-vaxxer, which is a ridiculous way to sum up an illustrious career. That propaganda line will be deployed but it can also wear thin very quickly.

As a candidate, he has every sign of being presidential in the way that people mean that term. He is fearless, has a high command of issues and facts, and carries himself in person as one might expect: as part of a mighty lineage and with a high degree of star quality. It is readily apparent when you are in the room with him that he possesses that hard-to-describe magic aura of a great leader.

To be clear, I’m not at all saying I agree with all his political values but to listen to him certainly takes you back to a time before the Democratic Party became the part of Big Tech, Big Media, and the Deep State. He has a broad outlook that focuses on rooting out corruption, cleaning up quid pro quo arrangements between government and private oligarchs, and restoring basic constitutional rights and liberties. His speeches are passionate and principled but also strike a broad chord of truth that could call back many toward foundational principles again.

Perhaps people reading are rejecting this possibility out of hand. Let me remind you of 2016 and the Trump win in the primaries and the general. Almost no one believed it was possible but it happened anyway. The times turned out to be much different than anyone believed. The Republicans were ready for dramatic change and Trump benefited from that.

Who is to say for sure that the Democrats are not ready for a similarly radical rejection of their party’s establishment in favor of a credible candidate? A candidate with name recognition and a proven record outside of politics? It could happen. RFK Jr. in fact is perfectly well positioned to completely upset the apple cart and call the entire party back to its historical roots.

When you consider all that Biden has done to betray the party’s core values, it boggles the mind. Consider vaccine segregation alone. It shut down major cities to half or more of the minority population who could not go to restaurants, libraries, or theaters. This is a total reversal of the civil rights movement, to say the least. And what of the shutdown of the public schools, which were the crown jewel of progressivism, and the masking and vaccination of kids? Whatever happened to defending the children and promoting education?

The party has been captured by the ruling class in the worst way but the base could change this if they line up behind a truly disruptive candidate. It would not at all surprise me to see 2024’s contest between two candidates competing for who can overthrow the deep state fastest. The match between Kennedy and someone like Ron DeSantis would be a good sign that the country is determined not to enter into a permanent state of decline.

In American politics today, with the country in such shambles, and especially Blue states entering into a crisis of corruption and crime from which multitudes are fleeing, it should not surprise us to see the party enter into an upheaval that compares with what happened to the Republicans in 2016. The old guard was rejected for something completely new and different.

There remains the question of whether Robert Kennedy Jr. will enter the ring. Those who have heard him speak recently sense that something is brewing in his mind. He seems actually poised to do something dramatic like this.

People have always underestimated his acumen and they will again. But that very doubt could fuel a grassroots movement of moms and the working class that is fed up with the corruption and compulsion from the top and the bizarre cover-ups to which we’ve been subjected. The Biden administration has presided over a failed state that cries out for dramatic change. Kennedy could be the one.

His candidacy would also draw massive numbers of Republicans who have appreciated his bravery over the last few years and his heroic role as a truth teller. The anger and loss of trust in elites is extremely broad in the American public today, more so than ever.

Prepare yourself!

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Jeffrey A. Tucker is the founder and president of the Brownstone Institute, and the author of many thousands of articles in the scholarly and popular press, as well as 10 books in five languages, most recently “Liberty or Lockdown.” He is also the editor of The Best of Mises. He writes a daily column on economics for The Epoch Times and speaks widely on the topics of economics, technology, social philosophy, and culture.
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