Only Skeletal Remains Left From Chinese Boy Missing for Nine Days

June 13, 2008 Updated: June 13, 2008

After missing for nine days, a a first-year junior high school in Guangdong Province, named Zhou Xiaolong, was finally discovered. What's terrifying was that except for an empty skeleton and a handful of hair, all his skin, muscles and internal organs were missing, though his school uniform was intact on his body. Because the murder method appeared so cruel and horrendous the villagers in that vicinity were extremely frightened.

According to a report by the Guangzhou Daily on June 10, after missing for nine days, Zhou Xiaolong's body was discovered on May 30 at 5:30 p.m. Zhou Xiaolong's eldest uncle received a phone call from a friend at Baishan village, saying that the corpse of a teenager was found in a remote mountain.

Upon hearing that news, Xiaolong's parents and his uncle rushed to the scene. They saw a satchel, a bicycle and other stuff displayed on the ground halfway up to the hill by the civilian police. “At the sight of these items, I recognized that they belonged to Xiaolong, because I used to ride that bicycle, and the lock with the key are very familiar to me,” said Xiaolong's uncle.

Xiaolong's parents fainted on the spot, and Xiaolong's uncle demanded that they inspect the crime scene. Earlier the civilian police sincerely persuaded them not to go, saying that there would be nothing for them to see there, and that if they insisted on going, they should have psychological preparation as it was too terrifying at the crime scene.

With the question of “nothing to be seen” in their mind, Xiaolong's uncle and other relatives rushed to the crime scene only to find an empty skeleton without any skin, muscles, internal organs and eyes. The only remnants were a little bit of flesh on the fingers and some hair scattered around the scene. There was not much left of the corpse to identify the victim. But much to their surprise, a uniform of the Shihua Junior High School was still intact on the corpse.

After DNA examination, the victim was identified as Zhou Xiaolong.

The Shihua Junior High School is quite far away from Xiaolong's home located at Huangpu Jitang village. It took him about 30 to 40 minutes to get home by bicycle. If alone, he usually went home through a trail in Baishan village, as it is a short cut. Quite a few his schoolmates and other villagers might also go through that short cut from time to time, so it would not be regarded as a deserted area.

However, Xiaolong's uncle told The Epoch Times reporter that the corpse was found in a deserted spot halfway up the hill, at least five or six hundred meters away from the nearest trail, and that many local residents might not even know the trail because it is over one kilometer away from the Baishan village.

Some villagers mentioned that it was the first time for them to learn of this kind of cruel murder, and they would not let their children go to school alone anymore. They would escort their children to and from school, and avoid going through the trail at Baishan village as it would be much safer to go through big roads.

After the news about the murder spread, the villagers became agitated, and the atmosphere of the entire village was filled with panic. They wondered who would be so cruel to murder Xiaolong.

Xiaolong's parents are simply ordinary vegetable vendors. Since they were not rich and the fact that Xiaolong had little money with him that day, indicated that the crime was unlikely related to kidnapping where the victim was murdered because the family failed to pay up ransom.

The suspicion that the body was mutilated to eliminate any evidence of a car accident, it was rejected by Xiaolong's uncle because when Xiaolong was found, the school uniform was intact, without any sign of damage. Also, after Xiaolong went missing, his family members had thoroughly visited villagers in that vicinity, and they didn't find any clue suggesting that a car accident had occurred.

Villagers are worried that there may have been some psychopathic individuals who purposely killed the boy to peel his skin off, or his body was eaten by mice after he was killed.