Only 4 Percent of Chinese Women Think They Are Pretty

August 29, 2005 12:00 am Last Updated: August 25, 2015 8:10 pm

The Dove Company for personal care and protection recently published a survey that says about 4 percent of women in China think that they are pretty. It also showed that the rate of those who think “a woman wants to be pretty for the ones she loves” is much lower than in other Asian countries.

According to a report from Beijing Business Today, Dove’s survey was based on 2,100 women in 10 countries and regions in Asia. The survey showed that 8 percent of women in China use cosmetics to make themselves more attractive, but only about 4 percent of women in China think they are beautiful.

The survey found that most of Asian women’s perception of beauty is based on youth, with 70 percent of Chinese women saying that under the age of 30 is the most beautiful period.

More than 70 percent of Asian women believe it to be a unshakable truth that women beautify themselves for those they love. In Vietnam, South Korea and Taiwan in particular, the predominant view about women’s beauty is that it is for their husbands or companions. In China, however, only 15 percent of women subscribe to this opinion.

The survey found that only 9 percent of Chinese women would consider cosmetic surgery to make themselves more attractive. The rate climes to 25 percent if there is no cost associated with the surgery. The rate in South Korea is about 53 percent and 60 percent.