Online Gaming – Drags A Gamer Into A New World

August 21, 2015 Updated: November 27, 2015

online games

With the advancement of technology, video games have been replaced by online games. Online games are special applications which connect one player with another player or many players anywhere in the world by using internet or any computer networks.

Any Where, Any Time Just a Click

Present day, not only kids, students, many elders are enjoying playing online games. Many gaming applications are into technology market and are available on mobiles, laptops and other devices. Few online games require hardware like Xbox, PlayStation. Some online games require high speed internet, LAN connection so that many gamers would play online at the same time from different locations. From past few years online gaming have grabbed many gamers all over the world. People irrespective of age and from different places can play online games anytime. Special employees are hired to design these online games. These online games are many. We find simple text based games to graphics games with virtual worlds. Online gaming communities are also available where multiple players can play at a time. Any person from any place around the world can connect with each other with a click. Any online gamer have to agree a license to install a game so that the game program is not copied or hacked by anyone. If any game is found to hack at any time by a gamer they are terminated. These online games have in game chat feature, where players can chat.

Gaming does have Advantages. Yes!!

Many companies come up with many online games. One such is Plarium games. It is an international company which has it application in browsers, mobiles and online games. It was founded in 2009 and has about 500 gaming professionals. Its best know games are Storm fall, Age of War and many others. Its games are widely available and many million players play those online games from different countries. A part from this firm many other companies have come up with their online games creating a new gaming world for the players. Many parents and people think when one starts playing online games they get addicted, especially children. But online gaming has it benefits too. There are many online games which helps children to sharp their creativity. Children learn new things from games and they even learn to set goals. Puzzles, Sudoku etc games are such which helps children to learn new things. Parents can first check what kind of a game will help their children to learn new things and then let them play. By playing online games one can improve social skills, by having a chat with the other player. Children can learn even the most boring thing by playing it as a game which turns the topic interesting. It helps them to develop their capacity and understanding skills. Online gaming will improve memory and develop skills, when playing puzzles and other challenge games. It also increases their sprit to win against the opponent. While playing as a team, they learn to cooperate with other gamer.