Online April Fools Jokes Target Chinese Communist Party

By Rona.Rui, Epoch Times
April 2, 2013 4:48 pm Last Updated: April 6, 2013 10:00 pm

 Chinese netizens poked fun at a range of issues relating to Communist Party rule on April 1 by posting sarcastic praise and details of imaginary events.

Xu Xin, a famous legal scholar and Weibo blogger, told his more than 460,000 followers that he had “great news” to share with everyone: “Authorities have declared that poisonous food will be eliminated once and for all this year. Experts have developed an antioxidant, which itself is toxic, that will cure any food poisoning.” 

 Xin’s jabs stem from new food safety concerns, following reports of over 16,000 dead pigs floating down the main river in Shanghai.

A Beijing netizen called “Chairman’s View” quipped to his more than 860,000 followers: “Real estate prices will go down and anti-corruption measures will be fully enforced. All food is safe to eat forever. China Central TV will only tell the truth, and independent news reporting is guaranteed from now on. Illegal housing demolition will stop once and for all. Drivers no longer have to pay toll charges to drive on freeways. And judicial independence is finally realized. Happy April Fools’ Day!” 

Alluding to the alarming rate of school closings in rural China, writer Tian You blogged: “The Ministry of Education has decided to build a special primary school at Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, where all the children can attend for free and have free meals.”

An actor and a famous Weibo blogger with the handle “Pretend to be in New York” addressed a litany of issues, declaring to his more than 360,000 followers: “The ban on Facebook is lifted! Broadcasting of Xinwen Lianbo [a daily television news program] is canceled. People’s Daily has called it quits. Now, all newspapers can take different editorial positions. From now on, all government officials will disclose their personal assets to the public. Segments of movies will not be cut without reason.

“Secretaries [Weibo microblogging censors] are laid off. Fresh air has returned to Beijing. Food safety is finally guaranteed. Real estate prices are coming down. The Korean people have overthrown leader Kim Jong-un. The head of Sima Nan [an “anti-American fighter” for the Chinese regime] is killed by the closing doors of an elevator.

“For the only one day each year when we can daydream, let’s have as many wishes as possible.”

A Chinese business owner in Australia named “Lying Angel” asked the following question, “How come April Fools’ Day doesn’t feel like a holiday?” He then answered, “In China, everyday is April Fools’ Day.”