One of the 'Three Tiananmen Gentlemen' In Hospital

By Feng Chang-le, Epoch Times China Staff
August 10, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: August 10, 2006 12:00 am

CHINA – Just before June 4, 2006, the Chinese Epoch Times published the article “Tiananmen Gentleman,' Yu Dongyue, Driven Insane By 17 Years Imprisonment, Urgent Help Needed!” The result of the article was worldwide support and donations allowing Yu to be admitted to Huan Xianya hospital for treatment.

The misfortune of Yu has caught attention and sympathy worldwide. Mr. Huan Heqing from Spain proposed a global donation effort for Yu's treatment. In a one-month period, Sheng Xue, Qin Jin, and Huang Heqing, separately collected a total of 120,000 yuan (US$15,000) from America, Australia, Asia, Europe and Mainland China.

Huang Hequing indicated that charitable donations were collected from early June to early July. The donated funds collected by them were sent to Yu's family. Mo Fengjie, Caoan Jushi, and others in the Los Angeles area also sent US$3,200. Huang said that he believes there will be more people like those in Los Angeles contributing to Yu Dongyue. Mr. Mo Fengjie said that he is going to send US$1,000 every year to Yu to help him sustain his livelihood.

Yu's sister, Yu Rixia, who received the donation ,expressed profound gratitude on behalf of the family. She said, “The whole family will forever remember everyone's kindness and good will.”

Yu Rixia indicated that because of the worldwide generosity and prompt assistance, Yu Donghu had been admitted to the Hunan Xianya Second Affiliated Hospital's mental ward on July 12, for initial diagnosis and treatment. Yu Rixia and her mother are taking turns caring for him. She indicated that Yu's condition had already improved. He did not recognize anyone and gave incoherent answers before treatment, but now he can answer some questions correctly. She said the whole family is full of hope for his recovery.

Broken Soul

Recently, Yu Rixia indicated in a “thank you” letter to overseas media that when Yu Dongyue was released from prison on February 22, “after initial joy, the whole family quickly sank into great despair over his condition. Not long thereafter, the kindness and great acts of well-wishers, headed by Mr. Huang Heqing, arrived. “This provided us with a long missing warmth and a hope for Yu Dongyue's future to avoid becoming a wondering lunatic that no one cared about. We have seen the benevolence and sympathy shining from all of you.”

Hoping For Recovery

She also said that Yu Dongyue had spent 17 years in a dark, miserable, pitiful hell on earth and he has now returned to the world. “It is your philanthropy and benevolence that brought him humanity and warmth. If only family and friends can help Yu Dongyue find himself again, and advanced medical science help him to recover his lost memory. Hopefully Yu Dongyue can completely regain his consciousness in the near future and understand his past, present and future. I know he would personally say “thank you” with all sincerity to all those friends who had cared for and helped him.”