First of an Estimated 1 Million ‘Mummies’ Unearthed in a Cemetery South of Cairo (Video)

December 20, 2014 Updated: December 26, 2014

Preserved in the hot dry desert of Egypt may be one of the largest grave sites ever discovered. Archaeologists have warned against the use of the word “mummy” in the strictest sense here. These bodies did not undergo a full mummification process. Given the size of the site and the density of the number of bodies found thus far, if that density is true for the whole area, Brigham Young University archaeologists working on the site said they expect to uncover about 1 million bodies. 

Update: Youssef Khalifa from the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry revoked the archaeologists’ permit to work at the site, saying BYU team leader Kerry Muhlestein violated the ministry’s rules on making statements to the press. Khalifa contested Muhlestein’s claims that 1 million mummies could be found there. Khalifa said it’s thousands, and they aren’t technically mummies (as already stated in this article).