Once Upon a Time Season 4 Spoilers: Major Death May Happen This Season

November 2, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Once Upon a Time season 4 may include a major death, according to one of the creators of the show.

Season 3 featured the stunning death of Neal, Henry’s father and Rumplestiltskin’s son.

Other then that death and the original sheriff (Jamie Dornan) being killed by Regina in season 1, most of the main characters in the show have been safe the entire time.

Regina, Emma, Mary Margaret, David, Henry, and Mr. Gold are all still alive while the show has also added a number of featured characters, including Robin Hood, his wife, Belle, and Hook.

The exact character who might die wasn’t revealed by Eddy Kitsis, who created the show with Adam Horowitz.

“I hope so,” Kitsis told Entertainment Weekly after being asked if there’s a major character death this season.

The co-creators also revealed that they know roughly how the series will end.



“We have had our series end game from when we created the series. We have a road map, and we’ve allowed ourselves a lot of freedom, but it was never our intention to say, ‘Here’s exactly what we’re going to do.’ But we know where we’re leading to,” said Kitsis.

“And if you’re asking whether we know what we’d like the last moment of the series to be, yes, we do,” Horowitz added.

The pair also revealed a number of other interesting details.

–Regina may use her light magic again
–The search for the book author will lead outside Storybooke
–The Sorcerer’s hat could be used to rewrite fate
–It will be revealed whether baby Neal has special powers
–Belle’s mother may appear again after being introduced
–The consequences of Mary and David sharing a heart will be revealed


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