Once Upon a Time Season 4 Spoilers: Belle’s Mother Will Appear; Hook Will Interact With ‘Frozen’ Characters

Once Upon a Time season 4 will include Belle’s mother.

As part of the flashbacks to what Belle was like before she met Rumplestiltskin, her mother will appear.

“For the first time, we’ll delve into Belle’s past pre-the encounter with Rumple,” executive producer Adam Horowitz told Entertainment Weekly.

The casting hasn’t been made yet.

Meanwhile, season 4 will also will see Hook in more modern clothes, actor Colin O’Donoghue says.

Hook, who has become increasingly part of the core cast, said at Comic-Con that Hook will be out of pirate clothes next season.

“I cant really talk too much about it, but he’ll have a change. He’ll be in slightly more modern clothes. That’s about as much as I’m allowed to say,” O’Donoghue told IGN in a recent interview.

He also confirmed that Hook will be opening up more towards Henry, and interacting with at least one of the characters from the “Frozen” universe.

“He’ll definitely have some interaction. Again, it’s one of those things that I have to be very tight-lipped on,” O’Donoghue said.

“I can’t really go into any sort of specific details, but he definitely interacts with at least one of the characters.”

He said fans will be happy with how the characters are portrayed.

“I think there’s a definite buzz around this which we definitely feel, and Eddie [Kitsis] and Adam [Horowitz] have managed to sort of move the Frozen story seamlessly into Once Upon a Time,” he said.

“I really think that fans of Frozen or fans of Once Upon A Time are not going to be disappointed with how it’s been treated. And Georgina [Haig] and Elizabeth [Lail] as Elsa and Anna are really fantastic and uncannily like their characters from the film, so I think people will be very happy with how it works.”

Season 4 will premiere on September 28.

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