Once Upon a Time Season 4 Spoilers: Elsa from Frozen Similar to Both Regina and Emma

The Frozen characters being introduced in season 4 have a lot in common with characters already in the Once Upon a Time universe, including Emma.

“Part of what’s been fun for us with the Frozen characters in general has been how many metaphors cross over between what’s going on in their storylines and what applies to what’s been going on in our storylines the past three years. So you definitely see a similarity between Elsa and Emma in that sense,” said Jennifer Morrison, who plays Emma.

“I’ve been really touched by the fact that Emma finally has someone who understands her that isn’t family. This is her first friend. This is the first time someone actually connects with her.”

Speaking with Inside the Magic, Colin O’Donoghue (Captain Hook) chipped in, laughing: 

“Hook’s a friend,” said Hook, laughing. “A special friend,” Emma said, laughing, too.

“It’s a complicated relationship, it’s not goign to be easy. They have a connection, a really deep connection that I don’t think either of them fully understand.”

“Hook’s a pirate and he’s spent hundreds of hundreds of years being a pirate.”

There are also similarities between Elsa and Regina, said Lana Parrilla (Regina). “Elsa can’t really control her magic yet, and Regina can to some degree but she’s still a very temperamental women, and she’s very impulsive and reactive.”

Eddy Kitsis, one of the creators of the show, added that Anna reminds them of Snow White.

Meanwhile, the cast members are really enjoying having the characters around.

“They’ve slotted the characters in seamlessly,” said O’Donoghue. “And they also look uncannily like the characters,” said Hook.

“It’s also been fun to  have a fresh story that’s being infiltrated into what’s going on,” said Morrison. “They’ve definitely taken a risk by opening up the world this way and taking on characters that are so new and are still so fresh in the Disney realm. It’s brought fresh energy.”

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