Olympics Marriage Scandal Hits Prime-Time News

By Tan Hohua, Epoch Times
January 8, 2008 Updated: January 8, 2008

Recently, the marriage scandal of a renowned TV program host became hot topic on the mainland Internet because the wife chose to expose the husband's affair at the press conference for the opening of China Central TV (CCTV) Station's Olympics channel.

On December 28, 2007, the husband, Zhang Bin—vice director of the CCTV Sports Program, hosted the press conference on the opening of the CCTV Olympics channel that was supposed to be the starting point of his bright new career.

In the middle of the press conference, his wife, program host of the Beijing TV (BTV) station, Hu Ziwei suddenly showed up, walked onto the stage and started a short yet shocking speech.

Hu said she learned of Zhang's affair two hours before the press conference, and emphasized that “Next year is the year of Olympics and the whole world is looking at China.” “However, before China can produce anything of value, it won't become a great country.”

Hu was promptly removed by the deputy president of CCTV and several other staff. Although there were only a few news reports on the scandal, obviously due to media censorship, the interlude that lasted less than three minutes spread quickly on the Internet as a video clip.

Sources revealed that Zhang has already submitted his resignation to CCTV and Hu has been fired by BTV and arrested for “Destroying the Olympics Image.”