Old Frozen Niagara Falls Photos Being Shared as if They’re From Today

January 8, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Old photos of frozen Niagara Falls are being shared on Imgur, Twitter, and other sites today–as if they were from today. But they’re not.

For instance, this photo…

…Is actually from February 2007.

This particular photo of the falls was uploaded to Flickr in 2007.

And this one, shared by the increasingly infamous Google Earth Pics….

…..Is from January 2012

It was first posted in January, 2012.

And as BuzzFeed points out, this photo, shared on Imgur (it’s racked up over 230,000 views today), is also old…

….It’s from February 2011.

It's from 2011.


A video posted on YouTube and a real photo from the Falls were posted today.

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