Oklahoma Man Dies Trying to Save Dog From Icy Pond

January 9, 2018 Updated: January 9, 2018

An Oklahoma man died trying to save two dogs from drowning in a frozen pond.

Instead, both the man and dogs died.

Attorney Jason Roselius was on the phone with his law partner when he abruptly disconnected after seeing the dogs drowning in an icy pond at his ranch.

“Looks like he tried to go in to save those two puppies that were drowning and thought he’d get back really quick to his dock, and he didn’t,” Jack Mattingly Jr., the law partner, told KOCO.

Family and friends are mourning the sudden loss.

“It just feels like the stars are falling,” Mattingly said. “He was one of the most loving people. He helped so many people.”

In his obituary on Legacy, it was explained that Roselius “led and won numerous record-breaking state and national class action lawsuits.”

“He also represented individuals in cases involving serious personal injuries and wrongful deaths. Many of these cases involved complex and novel theories of law and were against the nation’s largest oil-field services company. The state resulted in what was, at the time, one of the largest single-death settlements in Texas history,” the obituary said.

“He will be remembered for his humility and the joy he found in helping others.”

Ryan Kiesel, a friend of Roselius, said on Facebook that he was left “with some great memories” of their time together.

“Not the least of which was this perfect day on the Cimarron River,” he said. “The river was swollen from consecutive days of rain and we probably had no business putting in that day, but it was brilliant and I think of it often. Godspeed, my friend.”

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