Ohio Teen Rescued from Missouri Home Where She Was Allegedly Held Against Her Will

Nicolas Cage called a hero for helping track her down
December 4, 2015 Updated: December 4, 2015

A few weeks ago, actor Nicolas Cage posed with a worried Ohio father holding a picture of his daughter who went missing. The girl, 15, disappeared while taking the family dog for a walk.

The unnamed girl was discovered more than 500 miles away in Marthasville, Missouri, and she was being held there against her will by 41-year-old Christopher David Schroeder, reported KSDK.

The stepfather of the girl, Britton Ramsey, told TMZ he believes Cage’s photo, which went viral on sites like IJReview.com, helped bring the girl home.

She apparently met Schroeder the messaging app Kik, and she told him she was unhappy at home. However, she said she was only 15-year-old, but Schroeder said he could help her, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Schroeder then made a 9-hour drive from Missouri to Brooklyn, Ohio, where the girl lived on Nov. 8. When she got in the car, he removed her phone’s SIM card. When they arrived at his home, he told her she had to have sex with him and clean his house. He told her she cant use the phone or Internet, and he smashed her cell phone and threw it in a river. He also told her to change her appearance by dying or cutting her hair by losing weight.


PRESS RELEASE: 12/02/2015 @ 5:30pmOn the evening of December 1, 2015 a teenage girl reported missing from Brooklyn…

Posted by Warren County Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

“Over the past several weeks the suspect has had sex with the victim on multiple occasions knowing that she was only 15. The victim stated she wanted to go home, but the suspect wouldn’t allow it and that she was afraid to leave because he had numerous guns in his home,” said a statement from the Warren County Sheriff’s Department. “Items seized through the search warrant revealed the suspect had videotaped himself raping the victim.”

St. Charles County police detective, who was not named, told the newspaper: “The past couple years were rough on her. He was telling her what she wanted to hear.”

He added, “The kids get on these apps and they think it’s all glory on the other side, and they end up with a monster.”

Schroeder is facing both state and federal charges. The federal charges include production of child pornography and the transportation of a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity. He was also charged with statuary rape in the state of Missouri.