Ohio Mom’s Punishment for 2 Sons Who Vandalized a Memorial Makes Headlines

By Daniel Cameron, Epoch Times
May 20, 2019 Updated: May 26, 2019

Two young brothers who vandalized a memorial in Barberton, Ohio, have  been punished in a way they won’t forget by their mother, who says they now understand the severity of their act.

“My two little boys decided to sneak out of the house last Sunday morning with their friend and ripped flowers out of the Military Memorial at Lake Anna in Barberton,” the boys’ mother, Alicia Sharp, told Cleveland 19 in August 2018.

The VFW Memorial is a great addition to beautiful Lake Anna. If you would like to support the local VFW with maintenance…

Posted by Barberton Community Foundation on Saturday, August 18, 2018

And she wasn’t going to let them off the hook. She decided to serve them a lesson that was guaranteed to sink in.

“I made them stand with signs down by the lake for two hours on Friday saying what they did and apologizing,” Sharp said.

Posted by Alicia Gillespie on Friday, August 17, 2018

But that wasn’t enough.

The boys, who both receive a monthly $50 allowance, were stripped of their allowances for that month. The $100 combined total was then put toward feeding veterans at the Shannon Bar, where Sharp works as a bartender.

“Most of the folks who come in here are veterans,” she said.

Front page of the herald…so embarrassing…

Posted by Alicia Gillespie on Thursday, August 23, 2018

“It wasn’t right for what they did,” says veteran Dan Ady, a patron at the Shannon Bar. “But kids are kids.”

No doubt Sharp would’ve sat her boys down and explained to them the significance of the memorial and why all those names were on the wall.

“She’s trying to make up for it,” he adds. “She’s done a good job and she feels sorry about this too.”

Sharp says her kids were not aware of the memorial’s significance before, but they are now following her unique punishment, not to mention a front page editorial in the Barberton Herald newspaper.