Officers And Soldiers Take Oath to Quit The CCP

August 13, 2007 Updated: August 13, 2007

Because of the Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) movement triggered by the book Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party (The Nine Commentaries) , a soldier called the “voice of the army” appealed recently for all ex-service personnel and active-duty soldiers to withdraw from the CCP. Accordingly, many ex-servicemen and active military personnel announced that they were quitting the CCP. On August 5, nine officers and enlisted men withdrew from the CCP together. At the same time, some officers and army personnel made statements to quit the CCP that included their family members.

An officer at the basic level who formerly worked in the number 38th Army Group wrote in his statement of quitting the CCP: “I've been a demobilized soldier since 1999. I realized that it was an evil political party, a fascist feudal political group, a political tool forfeiting the future of our mother country and enslaving the Chinese people, through my life in the military and what I saw and heard in the society. The Chinese Army was reduced to an army only servicing the CCP, family servants of the CCP, and hatchet men. I make this statement to withdraw from the CCP.”

Shuntian Wang, a family member of an officer in Xinjiang Military Command, said that many years ago he recognized the evil characteristics of the CCP and had withdrawn from the CCP. “The CCP is the source of all disasters the Chinese people have suffered. Let us wipe out the CCP from China by following the mandate of heaven.” In response to the appeal from the “voice of the Army”, he plans to tell all officers and soldiers he knows not to assist in the CCP's massacre of the Chinese people.

Officers And Enlisted Men from the Number Two Artillery Group Quit the CCP

“I vow I have already realized the evil characteristics of the CCP and from now on I announce that I withdraw from the CCP and its organizations and will not be a soldier servicing only the CCP. I treated the basic interests of the Chinese people as the highest value and support the nationalization of troops. I promised to join in the army of the democratic China of the future at an opportune moment. I promise to join in the army focused on disintegrating the CCP, at the right moment. Even if I were unable to join in the movement of eliminating the CCP, I promise not to fire at the people disintegrating the CCP and never serve as an evil tool suppressing those who are wiping out the CCP.”

Pledger: “Nine people total , including Officer Zhang, Sergeant Chen, Sergeant Li and other sergeants from the Number Two Artillery Group.”

“Pledger: veterans in the 256th regiment (army unit 32362, element 89), 86 Division , 31 Army Group in Qujiang”

Pledger: “Army unit 38396 in the South Sea Fleet”

Pledger: “Liu Yuan in a rear-service unit of an airplane group in the Huadong Military Command

Pledger: “Heart clear like water”

Pledger: “Immortal in the field”

At press time the number of people publicly announcing withdrawal from the CCP on Epoch Times websites hits 24 million. Withdrawal web site