Officer Quits CCP Citing Corruption

August 23, 2007 Updated: August 23, 2007

The Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has deemed August, “Quit the CCP” month for the Chinese Army. The group called on all Chinese military personnel to break away from the CCP ,and the campaign has had a great influence. Many officers and soldiers have withdrawn from both the Party and its Youth League, sometimes using aliases. Along side the 25 million Chinese people who have now withdrawn from the CCP, another military officer in Shandong Province recently made his renouncement.

“Because the CCP is very corrupt,” explained the officer when asked why he wanted to quit the Party. “The army has become a very dark environment. Officials stick up for and protect each other and control the entire system. For instance, you cannot get things done or get promoted without bribing the high ranking officers. Based on this experience and the state of [Chinese] society in general, I realized that the CCP is extremely corrupt!”

“The CCP's slogan of governing the country with law is merely for show,” the officer continued. This soldier was once very proud to be a part of the CCP, but he said that he didn't expect to see the darkness and wickedness that's become synonymous with the Party. One of his friends was sentenced to an indefinite prison term just because he had offended the CCP, and this experience helped him see the CCP's true nature.

“Saying the country is 'under the rule of law' is only superficial in China—the internal situation is very dark and evil, and you cannot touch it at all,” observed the Shandong officer. “As soon as you do, you will get yourself harmed really badly. Just like my friend—he didn't do anything that deserved a fixed-term imprisonment or an indefinite prison term, but the CCP is so powerful it can deliberately send a person to prison as it sees fit. I found it very unfair!”

According to this officer, in China, township officials continue taking homes or land by force with no one to stop them. He believes that the CCP's corruption is the reason behind Chinese people's suffering, adding that powerful bullies in the CCP can do whatever they want to.

“Let's talk about the farmers in the countryside. The village and neighborhood bullies as well as the township officials in their area can illegally withhold land and property titles by simply using the administrative system. This happens all over the country,” said the officer. “Just like in our Shandong area, my city is very disordered and sinful. Burning and killing, humiliating and browbeating are very common. It is the corruption of the CCP that has led the people to do such evil things.”