Obama Promises Grants to Job-Driven Training Programs

February 1, 2014 Updated: October 8, 2018

In his last State of the Union address, President Obama asked his Vice President, Joe Biden, to review the federal employment and training programs to see if they teach what employers need. The best training programs are soon to be rewarded with grants, the White House announced Thursday.

The White House will talk to employers, schools, and officials from the municipal to the national level to find out training practices that best reflect what skills the employers need their new workers to be trained in.

The practices found through these talks are to be scaled-up using the final $500 million community college training fund distributed by the Department of Labor.

The funding will be distributed through a grant competition aimed at training partnerships between regional employers and national industry associations. At least one training program in each state will get the funding.

The president also promised to improve the employment and training programs overall, such as better informing participants about which jobs and skills are in demand and how to get themselves trained in them.


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