NYPD Officers Treat Man to Shrimp and Broccoli

July 18, 2017 Updated: July 19, 2017

When two New York Police Department officers came into a Chinese restaurant on July 17 with a man by their side, patron Edward Ip thought the guy was in trouble.

But the officers proceeded to buy the man a meal. They then left the restaurant, located in the New York City neighborhood of Chelsea, to get back to work.

“It was very touching to witness this first hand as it happened. It does prove that law enforcement isn’t just about guns and bullets,” Ip, who is the CEO of POS.com wrote in a Facebook message.

The man ordered shrimp and broccoli and the bill came out to $11.20. Both officers pitched in from their own pockets to pay for it.

“There are many more good cops than the bad ones that made the headlines. Good deeds deserve good recognitions,” Ip, who has an office near the Chelsea restaurant, wrote.

Ip didn’t have the chance to take down the names of the cops, but did find out that they are from Housing Bureau 4. The police officers assigned to the Housing Bureau patrol the city’s many public housing projects.

Ip’s Facebook post eventually reached a colleague of one of the officers who identified him as Rodney Skipper.


“The big guy is a great cop,” wrote one person on Facebook “Worked with him for years.”

“I’ve known Rodney Skipper for many years, he has always had a heart of gold!” wrote another user. “You won’t find a nicer more humble man! Great job Skip!”

Eventually, the post reached someone who knew the female officer as well.

“Such a very small world I’ve met that female officer before she is such an amazing officer she is what this department needs god bless and keep them both safe,” the person wrote.

“It’s great to see stories like this because the impression for most of them are usually negative,” wrote another Facebook user.

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