NYC Mayor Accused of Crossing the US-Mexico Border Illegally

July 11, 2018 Updated: July 12, 2018

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reportedly sent a letter to the NYPD complaining of an illegal border crossing by a New York State resident.

That resident was New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who had gone down to the border to protest U.S. immigration policy with a group of mayors.

In a letter seen by The Associated Press, the CBP accused de Blasio and his security detail, which is run by the NYPD, of crossing the border illegally, then crossing again after a CBP agent on patrol asked them to stay in place.

New York mayor Bill de Blasio speaks to a crowd of people at the Tornillo Port of Entry near El Paso, Texas, on June 21, 2018, during a protest rally by several American mayors against the U.S. administration’s family separation policy. (Brendan SMIALOWSKI / AFP)

On June 21, de Blasio tried to get into to a holding facility for immigrant children near Tornillo, Texas, but was denied entry, so crossed over the border to Mexico to get a better view of the facility, the letter says.

While the group was there taking pictures on the Rio Grande River flood plain, a uniformed CBP officer approached them and asked them if there was an escort from CBP or Public Affairs with them, according to the letter.

Someone in the group said no, and when asked how they got there, pointed to Mexico, the letter said.

The agent asked the group to stay put while he went for a supervisor, but the group allegedly took off back over the U.S.-Mexico border.

However, the group was neither apprehended nor detained at the border, the office of Austin Mayor Steve Adler told Fox News.

On Wednesday, de Blasio said they were shown where the border line was and they respected it.

“We came back the exact same way, both times showed passports, went through with the approval of the agents at the entry point. At no point did we disregard any instructions from federal authorities, period,” he said at an unrelated press conference.

The CBP did not respond by deadline to a request for comment.



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