NY Nursing Student Homicide: Ex-Boyfriend Arrested in Nicaragua

March 14, 2018 Updated: March 14, 2018

Police have tracked down and arrested the boyfriend of 22-year-old New York nursing student Haley Anderson, who was found dead last week.

Police had launched an international manhunt for her ex-boyfriend, who jumped on a flight to Nicaragua just hours before her body was found in Binghamton, New York.

WABC reported that Orlando Tercero was arrested in Nicaragua on Tuesday afternoon in connection with the killing, citing the Nicaragua national police force.

Tercero, 22, may have Nicaraguan nationality, which could make extradition difficult.

After Anderson’s death was ruled a homicide, police named Tercero, also a nursing student, as a person of interest on Monday.

Epoch Times Photo
Hayley Anderson (Facebook)

On Friday Tercero caught a flight out of New York at 8:40 a.m., according to police. Anderson’s body was found at 1 p.m. She was last seen alive at 4 a.m. the day before.

“We were a few hours behind him,” Binghampton Police Chief Joseph Zikuski told ABC News. “Then we put two and two together quickly.”

Zikuski said Anderson had filed a police report over damage to her property back in September and blamed Tercero for it.

Tercero was born in Miami, Florida, Zikuski said, but has family in Nicaragua, where he could potentially be a citizen.

“We’re currently determining with the State Department if he’s a U.S. citizen,” said Zikuski.

The United States has an extradition treaty with Nicaragua, Zikuski said, but “it will be harder” if it turns out he is a citizen of Nicaragua.

“There’s a chance they may not extradite him,” he told ABC News.

Epoch Times Photo
Hayley Anderson. (Facebook)

Anderson was a senior student and would have graduated in May.

A longtime friend of Anderson, Emma Derbin, told CBS that losing her was very hard.

“This is not an easy loss at all,” Derbin said. “She was literally like the greatest person ever. She never didn’t have a smile on her face.”

“This year she did an internship at a hospital here on Long Island and she told me about all the operations that she witnessed. (It’s a) tragic loss,” added neighbor John Doran.

Anderson worked at Jazzman’s Cafe on the university campus for three years, reported WICZ. A colleague, Athena Anadnostakos, said she had last seen Anderson the day before she died.

“Everybody’s sad. A lot of students came who work together, they cried today. The supervisor and Haley were so close. We are very sad,” Anadnostakos said.


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