NY Doctor Accused of Spiking Drink With Abortion Pill

December 14, 2017 Updated: December 14, 2017

A doctor from Rochester, New York, is being accused of spiking his girlfriend’s drink with an abortion pill, causing her to lose her baby, ABC7 reported.

After dating for three years of dating Brook Fiske, Sikander Imran moved from Rochester to Arlington, Virginia, for a job when Fiske informed him about her pregnancy.

“He didn’t want to have a baby so he tried to talk me into having an abortion which I didn’t want to do,” Fiske told ABC7 this week. “I felt very betrayed and devastated.”

When she went to Virginia to visit Imran, she was 17 weeks pregnant.

Fiske then said he poisoned her with the pill during their encounter at that time.

“When I was drinking my tea in the evening, I got to the bottom of the cup, there was a gritty substance in there. When I looked at it, I could tell that it was a pill that had been ground up,” she told WROC-TV.

Hours later, she started having contractions.

“He immediately started crying and said that he was a horrible person and that he had done what I thought he did,” Fiske told the station.

Fiske was then sent to Virginia Hospital Center and went into labor before losing the child. The pill Misoprostol was found in her system.

“According to the nurse at the hospital it’s 200 milligrams to induce labor. So he gave me 800,” Fiske told ABC7.

Imran was arrested in May and was charged with illegal cause of abortion, according to the New York Daily News. His trial is slated for March 12.



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