Nurse Sings Special Song to Terminal Cancer Patient, Video Goes Viral

October 26, 2017 Updated: October 26, 2017

A video of a teary-eyed nurse singing a special song for a terminal cancer patient has captured the hearts of millions of people on the internet.

Megan Smith posted the video after nurse Olivia Neufelder sat with Smith’s mother for hours to comfort her as she suffered from side effects of too much anesthesia.

“You never left her side by choice!” Smith wrote. “Words cannot describe the appreciation and love we feel for nurse Olivia who mom calls her angel!”

The nurse sang “Dancing in the Sky” by Dani and Lizzy, which was the patient’s favorite song.

“Your dedication to your patients is beyond any that I have seen, you truly are a beam of light and I cannot thank you enough for the compassion and care and love you shared for my mother,” Smith wrote. “God bless you, Olivia!”

The post was shared 58,000 times and watched by over 3 million people since it was posted 3 days ago.

Margaret Smith, 63, was admitted to Vanderbilt University Medical Center after her health rapidly declined due to a yearlong battled with liver cancer, News Channel 5 reported.

The doctors told Smith that her health was too poor for a transplant procedure. The woman was moved to a nursing home and died there on Thursday. But nurse Olivia spent hours with Smith before she was taken to the nursing home, comforting her and singing her favorite song.

“There was almost a sense of peace knowing that it was her favorite song and she did tell me it’s the song she wants played at her funeral,” Neufelder told NewsChannel 5. “She didn’t feel like a patient at that time. I wanted her to know that she was loved even if her family wasn’t able to be there.”

Margaret Smith. (GoFundMe)

The ailing woman called Neufelder a “little angel.” Apparently, Neufelder sang for Smith every day during her stay at the hospital.

“I recently lost my grandmother and went through a similar experience and I was singing to her as she passed too. Margaret really has helped me more than she knows,” Neufelder said.

Crystal Roberts recorded the video on the day before Smith was transferred to the nursing home.

“More than anything Margaret loved people, loved life, and loved the Lord,” Roberts said.

Tha family is grateful to Neufelder for her pure compassion during a difficult time.

“I would love her and hug her and we’ll be friends with her forever,” said Roberts.

Smith left behind a son and a daughter, both in their 20s. A GoFundMe account has been set up to help with funeral expenses.


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