NSA Targets Tor Network, Which Protects Web Users Privacy

October 4, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

The NSA targets Tor, according to new documents published on Friday.

The documents are the latest in a series of previously classified documents obtained by the Guardian from Edward Snowden.

The NSA, or National Security Agency, is targeting Tor, a tool used to protect online anonymity, but hasn’t been able to totally crack the code.

“The documents suggest that the fundamental security of the Tor service remains intact,” reports the Guardian. “One top-secret presentation, titled ‘Tor Stinks’, states: “We will never be able to de-anonymize all Tor users all the time.” It continues: “With manual analysis we can de-anonymize a very small fraction of Tor users,” and says the agency has had “no success de-anonymizing a user in response” to a specific request.”

Tor stands for The Onion Router and is an open-source project that bounces users through several other computers, enabling them to remain anonymous.

While a technique for being able to identify users who use the network was proposed by the NSA, there is no evidence that it was ever implemented.



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