Notre Dame: What Happened?

April 16, 2019 Updated: April 16, 2019


Even as fires raged and consumed Notre Dame uncontrollably before the crying eyes of the world, the narrative was being carefully constructed in its newsrooms. Had to be an accident, most likely. Just one of those things, probably. Renovation work was going on, dontcha know. There must have been a spark in the attic and, whoosh, Notre Dame was aflame.

Maybe that is exactly what happened. However, there was something doubly nightmarish about watching not one, but two Fox News anchors (Shepard Smith and Neil Cavuto) prevent guests from discussing a spate of recent attacks, including arson, on Catholic churches in France lest some logical discussion of the possibility that we were looking at an epic attack of anti-Catholic or anti-Christian arson might ensue—and you know where that goes.

Given what we have all been through as veterans of the jihad, lo, these nearly 18 years, it’s the pathetic height of absurdity to try to stop a rational being from wondering whether there is an Islamic connection to the burning of Notre Dame—amid all of the other possibilities, including criminal negligence on an epic scale. Maybe Pierre the Electrician went off duty after a hard day’s work renovating Notre Dame yesterday, lit a Gauloise Brune, and tossed his match into some 17th century Gazettes de France heaped on the 13th century floorboards in the medieval attic—and the rest is tragedy. But maybe not.

The mainstream media can bring the conflagration “live” into our lives, burning a new scene of the last days of the West into our consciousness, but they won’t let us process it outside of their politically planted poles of “thought.” Inside their televised “safe space,” analysis is politically correct, sharia compliant, and led not by any sort of inquiring minds, but by functionaries following the playbook they were handed down from the front office.

This blinkered, choked approach is what makes a person despair of finding the truth. Certainly, these “journalists” are not going to be the ones to search for it. This is why if they tell us again and again that it was all just an accident, they may be correct, but they will not be believable.

Will we ever learn what really happened?

Diana West is an award-winning journalist and author whose latest book is “The Red Thread: A Search for Ideological Drivers Inside the Anti-Trump Conspiracy.”  

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