Not a Queen, a Justice

November 22, 2020 Updated: November 22, 2020


As we hurtle towards the likely election-gate climax of a SCOTUS clash, the recent confirmation of now-Justice Barrett looms quite large.

At the conclusion of the arduous week of those confirmation hearing proceedings, we learned very little that wasn’t already well established. We did gain the benefit of a further elaboration of Amy Coney Barrett’s stellar judicial record and impeccable legal and procedural qualifications as she deftly fielded a largely extraneous torrent of absurd policy posturing, hysterical character smears, and grandiose fear mongering, interspersed with a never ending stream of demands for case opinions and predictions, which judicial integrity strictly prohibits her from providing.

A painful exercise if there ever was one, the circus was nevertheless a predictably exhausting rite of passage rightfully expected of an incoming justice to the Supreme Court. After all, it is essentially one of the most powerful positions in our entire governmental system.

Then-Judge Barrett completed this rite in clinical fashion, calmly rendering each Democrat attacker as more desperate and deficient than the last. In doing so, she also helped to frame and reveal another well known, but often well obscured reality: the Democrats are absolute prisoners of projection, helplessly reverting back to echoing their own derelictions in the accusations they reflexively hurl at their opponents.

In these hearings they relentlessly assaulted both Barrett’s record and personal beliefs as the unmistakable “tracks” of a hideous predator on the hunt to harm the innocent, repeatedly asserting that she is hellbent on destroying any number of prized policy positions they fear are in danger of being repudiated or reversed.

The bitter irony was tasted as the projection was exposed by Barrett’s grounded response that she is “not a queen” and has no intention of acting as such, which cleverly set up her attackers for a profound admission. They inadvertently confessed their hypocrisy, clearly demonstrating it is they who are on an ideological mission to force a predetermined legal outcome, when Senator Amy Klobuchar snatched the bait by latching on to Barrett’s words about royalty, stuttering that she “wouldn’t mind being a queen around here… being a benevolent queen and making decisions so we can get things done.”

Of course Senator Klobuchar wouldn’t mind such absolute power; that is precisely what she and her radical Democrat cohorts are fighting for so viciously. The rub, however, lies in her assumption of benevolence; she implies that if she held such a monarchical position, she would only wield that power “righteously,” and therefore she deserves to wield it.

This is the mindset of a monarch, and it is very much the motivation of the Democrats in pushing their policy agenda through the illegitimate vehicle of the court system, when they have failed to achieve it via the established channel of Congress. To their mind, this agenda should, and must, be accomplished by any means necessary because it is “right”, according to them—and that is all that should matter.

The truth of the matter is that no singular person or party is completely righteous and worthy of being entrusted with the full scope of governing power, thus our founders wisely constructed a republic with very specific separations of power. Any attempt at circumventing or otherwise short circuiting these separations should raise the gravest of alarms, and should demand a vigilant defense of our institutional branches and their constitutional foundations.

The Barrett hearings were much more than a deranged onslaught against a superb sitting judge properly nominated according to standard legal prescription; they are a direct attack on our constitutional republic itself, and the integrity of a system we have fought, bled, and died for over the last several centuries of American endurance.

They serve as a wake up call to those citizens who still cherish liberty and the sacred structures which protect it. We must answer this call, and rise to this occasion in defending our constitution from any encroachment of impending tyranny, from any queen who seeks to become supreme.

America is still a republic, if we can keep it.

An internationally published model, actor, and writer, John Strand was born in California, grew up in a vibrant Italian-American family, and is based in both Los Angeles and New York City. 

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