North Korea Shows Nuclear Bomb Site

May 22, 2018 Updated: May 22, 2018

North Korea is getting ready to show the alleged dismantling of a nuclear testing site, according to reports.

More than two dozen reporters from China, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Russia arrived in the country on Tuesday to witness the planned dismantling of the test site, CBS News reported. CBS said that it is the only U.S. broadcast news network allowed inside the reclusive, communist country to see the shutdown of the Punggye-ri site.

On June 12, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump are slated to attend a summit in Singapore.

A CBS reporter, Ben Tracy, offered his firsthand account of arriving in North Korea.

“We have just landed in Wonsan, North Korea. This is on the country’s east coast and as you can see back over here this is a massive and modern airport. They have spent a lot of money here because they are trying to turn this part of North Korea into an international tourist destination,” he wrote.

He added: “The reason we are here is to witness North Korea shutting down its nuclear testing site. That site is in a very mountainous part of the country and we are told we may begin the journey there Tuesday night. The trip will take 11 hours on a very slow moving train, four hours in a bus and then a one-hour hike to the site. We don’t yet know if, in addition to journalists, North Korea has invited in any experts to witness what they claim is the closure of this nuclear facility.”

Meanwhile, Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in are set to have a meeting this week to discuss North Korea’s intentions during the June 12 summit, Reuters reported.

North Korea’s push for nuclear weapons has long created tension on the peninsula and antagonism with the United States. Tensions escalated last year as Pyongyang tested missiles believed capable of hitting the United States. Trump said the United States would “totally destroy North Korea” if necessary and derided Kim as “little rocket man” before talk of the Trump-Kim summit eased the pressure.

Reuters contributed to this report.


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