North Carolina Woman Who Won $188M in 2015 Powerball to Appear in Court for Alleged Threats

January 13, 2016 Updated: January 13, 2016

A North Carolina woman who won the $188 million in the 2015 Powerball lottery was served a criminal summons for allegedly threatening making threats, according to media reports on Wednesday.

Marie Holmes, the Powerball winner, got a summons from the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office this week. According to court documents obtained by WECT-TV, plaintiff Lorna Marlowe accused Holmes of making threatening and harassing phone calls, and on Jan. 10, she filed a complaint against her.

Holmes is accused of making threats to “inflict bodily harm” on Marlowe, and the documents claimed she called “repeatedly for the purpose of harassing” her. Holmes is slated to appear Brunswick County court on Feb. 12 over the misdemeanor criminal summons, WECT reported.

Star News Online said Marlowe has identified herself as Holmes’ cousin.

Marlowe posted a video on her Facebook page, saying she’s Holmes’ cousin and claims Holmes’ boyfriend Lamarr McDow is cheating on her. McDow was in police custody stemming from several drug-related charges, including a seizure of more than 8,000 bags of heroin in 2014, Star News reported.

McDow had to post $3 million in bail a first time just days after Holmes collected her Powerball lump sum. In August, he was arrested again and was released after posting $6 million in bail. In October, he once again found himself in jail after officials said they found marijuana, a weapon, and drug paraphernalia in a home that Holmes bought with her winnings. That time, he was released on $10,000 bail.

But McDow was arrested again on Dec. 28 for arranging an illegal street race and posted bail. He was arrested days later for violating his bail conditions, and then, his bail was set at $12 million, and he was released for a fifth time, Star News reported.

McDow was quoted as saying that people are jealous of Holmes’ money and want to see him in jail. His comments apparently prompted Marlowe to post the video, leading to Holmes’ alleged threats against her.

On Facebook, Holmes also addressed criticism about bailing her boyfriend out of jail.

She wrote: “What y’all need to be worried about is y’all money and not how I spend mine this is benefiting y’all how? And no he’s no drug dealer or user but who are y’all to judge anybody?”

“I will definitely pray for y’all because it’s much need [sic] … they talked about Jesus so I’m not surprised y’all are talking about me but be blessed though.”