Norman Reedus of ‘Walking Dead’ Claims He’s ‘A complete wimp’ in Real Life

Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon in “The Walking Dead,” has said he’s a “complete baby” unlike the character he plays.

“I chopped the tip of my finger off the other day and I cried like a baby. I’m a complete wimp,” he told People magazine after he got the “biggest [expletive]-kicker” award at Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards Saturday.

“That’s not very [expleteive] kicker-ish, is it?” he said, joking about taking the plastic off his bed. “Listen, you can give a crossbow to anybody” and they’ll look fearsome.

“I’ve gotten stitches on the show and real black eyes. I’m more of a klutz, to be honest,” he added.
He also talked about his 14-year-old son, Mingus.

“I went through his closet with him recently. We were downsizing and thinking what we could get rid of,” he told the magzine. “He made a huge pile of Daryl Dixon clothes. And I was like, ‘Really? You’re going to throw them away?’ He said, ‘Yeah, I’m my own guy now.'”

Reedus said his son wants to work in film production. “He wants to be a director now. He watches the show and dissects it – he tells me what I should have done,” Reedus said.

A few days ago, he talked about the hardest scene he’s done.

“The hardest on ‘The Walking Dead’ or one of them was killing my brother and I always go back to that… I am not like classically trained or anything, but I always go back to my dad and dad and dad,” he said. “And I think reading that script to kill my brother and all that, I remember reading and going, ‘Oh, this day is gonna stink, this is gonna be such a bad day.”

He was referring to his father’s untimely death.