Norman Reedus Dies? Nope, ‘Walking Dead’ Star Has Not Died in a Car Crash, and he Appears to Mock Death Hoax on Twitter

Norman Reedus, who plays popular character Daryl Dixon in “The Walking Dead,” hasn’t died in a car crash, and he has consistently posted updates on his Twitter.

Reedus posted a photo of him in a scene from “The Walking Dead,” showing his character in the back of a broken-down car, which got thousands of shares on Sunday.

Facebook and Twitter posts said the actor was “killed in a motor crash,” and links to a page that says “Norman Reedus was confirmed dead at 8.30 AM this morning. His motor crashed into…” At the bottom of the page, it say that tens of thousands of people “got trolled” by the hoax.

A number of Twitter users were saying he died or were questioning if Reedus had died.

But Reedus has consistently updated his account since last week, even posting a selfie of him and longtime actor Jon Voight on Instagram, describing him as a “legend.”

Later, he tweeted the car picture, possibly making fun of the fake death report.

A few months ago, Reedus was made the subject of another hoax, which said he was fired from “The Walking Dead.”

On Thursday–the same time the death hoax was going viral–Reedus and “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul appeared at the Variety Studio, according to the Daily Mail.

Paul said that he might reprise his role as Jesse Pinkman in “Better Call Saul.”

“[I’ll be in it] if they’ll have me. It’s a prequel, so it’d be nice to play Jesse Pinkman again in his happier times,” he said. He told “I think it’s going to be great. I went into the writer’s room a few weeks back and just hung out with everybody there.”

“It’s not going to be another Breaking Bad and that’s fine. It’s a prequel and it just follows the Saul Goodman character and I think it’s going to be very exciting to dive deeper into his world.”