Nohemi Gonzalez, American College Student, Dead in Paris Terror Attacks – Photos

November 14, 2015 Updated: November 14, 2015

Nohemi Gonzalez, an American student from California State Long Beach, was killed at a restaurant during the Paris terrorist attacks on Friday evening. More than 120 people died in several coordinated attacks in the French capital.

The 23-year-old was confirmed dead by the university.

“I’m deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Long Beach State University student Nohemi Gonzalez. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends during this sad time,” CSULB President Jane Close Conoley said in a statement.

“Our university stands with our nearly eighty foreign exchange students from France as they struggle with this tragedy. We will extend all support necessary to comfort them. We will also extend support to all students, faculty and staff who are in need.”

Gonzalez was from El Monte, California, and was studying design.

She was described as “kind, thoughtful, generous and talented student, dear to all who knew her” by Michael LaForte, a teacher at the college. He wrote the update on his Facebook page, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“We grieve for her today and give our hearts to her grieving family and boyfriend,” LaForte said.

Meanwhile, British man Nick Alexander may have been a victim in the terrorist attacks, according to reports. He was reportedly shot at the Bataclan theater in Paris. More than 100 people reportedly died in the attack at the concert, where the Eagles of Death Metal were playing.

Nick Alexander (Polina Buckley/Twitter)
Nick Alexander (Polina Buckley/Twitter)

“Then maybe five, six guys came in with machine guns and shotguns and just started shooting people. It was mayhem,” Helen Wilson, an American expat, said of Alexander, whom she considered a friend.

“When anyone started running they would shoot them down. So we got down on the floor. I was afraid whenever I heard a step behind me… they machine-gunned everybody.

“Nick was in front of me when we were lying on the ground and somebody moved and they just turned round and started shooting us.

“His back was to me and I couldn’t see what happened and I tried to keep him talking and then I tried to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and they [the gunmen] were just sort of in the shadows and they would shoot if anyone said anything.

“Then he couldn’t breathe anymore and I held him in my arms and told him I loved him. He was the love of my life.”

Another man was at the concert at the Bataclan, describing the chaos and carnage.

John Leader, from Australia, said he took his 12-year-old son Oscar to the concert to see the Eagles of Death Metal. He told the Telegraph:

I pushed Oscar to the other side of the mixing desk. People were three or four deep hiding there. The lights suddenly went on. It had been dark but now there were full house lights. Everybody went quiet. It was clinical. All you heard was bang, bang, bang. The shooter was standing at the back of the hall and targeting people at the front. He was taking aim. He was not spraying. It was clinical. He was aiming: aim, fire, aim, fire, aim, fire.