Duggar Family Feud Report Appears Wrong as Pictures Show Josh and Anna with Allegedly Shunned Sister

December 12, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The Duggar family has been subject to a lot of rumors lately, including one that alleged the family had “shunned” Susanna Keller, the younger sister of Josh Duggar’s wife Anna.

But this particular rumor appears to be false after pictures emerged of Josh and Anna and their children spending time with the Kellers recently.

The rumor from OK magazine claimed that because Keller gave birth to a girl without being married to the baby’s father, the Duggar clan–who adhere to a strict form of Christianity–had shunned her.

The alleged actions came after Keller decided to take a different path than the Duggar brood and sister Anna, who has incorporated the family’s religious practices–such as not using birth control–into her life.

A source allegedly told the magazine that Jim Bob Duggar decreed Susanna could no longer appear on the family’s reality show, and even forbade any mention of her name. Susanna appeared on the show when it was called 17 Kids and Counting.

“It would be bad for the Duggar brand,” explained the source. “She broke away from everything his family represents, so viewers shouldn’t expect any televised trips to visit this in-law.”

But the report now appears to be false after the unofficial Duggar family blog published pictures of Josh and Anna and their three children hanging out with Anna’s family, including the Kellers.

(Duggar Family Blog)
(Duggar Family Blog)


The two pictures show how everyone, including the adults, dressed up in costumes and put on a Christmas play during their recent gathering.

One picture shows Anna’s five-year-old daughter¬†Mackynzie and Susanna’s daughter Noelle dressed up as angels.

The debunking of the rumors comes after several other rumors were shot down about the Duggar family recently, including one about Tim Tebow and Jana Duggar possibly becoming a couple.

While Anna’s family isn’t quite as large as the Duggar brood, she does have four sisters and three brothers.

Her sister Priscilla Keller and husband David Waller have been featured on the Duggar show the most out of Anna’s family, including in a recent 19 Kids and Counting episode where Josh and Anna’s family went on a road trip to Priscilla and David’s home in Chicago.

While there, Priscilla revealed that she was pregnant with a girl.

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