No Confidence

January 29, 2021 Updated: January 29, 2021

Let’s wake up and realize that there is little to no confidence in this last presidential election. Unless the general public believes this current election is valid. The problem is, how do we put honesty, integrity, and confidence back into our elections? If I was a Supreme Court justice, I would recommend that we do not accept results that cannot be verified.

I would suggest the Supreme Court suspend the results of this election until both Democrats and Republicans can agree on an “accept/reject” criteria. This will please the Democrats who want a speedy remedy so they may continue with their plans. I would suggest we suspend this election until April 15 so we can vote on our income tax, where signatures can be verified. If Biden wins, Trump will step down. If Trump wins, he just continues with his second term. Signatures can be verified by sending in the last page of your previous year’s income tax form, which could be included in this year’s tax.

For those who did not submit an income tax last year, they can, like I did, go to the town hall and show a picture ID to have a ballot sent to them to vote by absentee ballot. These are my best thoughts on how to restore faith and validity to our elections and put the hate and violence aside. When either political party puts their interests above the best interest of about 50 percent of Americans, they should be penalized without starting a civil war.

Jim Hopkins

New York