No Changes to Officers at HKLBA AGM

Lawn Bowls—HKLBA Annual General Meeting
By Claudius Lam
Claudius Lam
Claudius Lam
September 24, 2014 Updated: September 24, 2014

HONG KONG—All officers at the Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association were re-elected at the Annual General Meeting on Monday, Sept 22, as there were no challengers for their positions.

Kowloon Bowling Green Club and Hong Kong Football Club maintained their strong presence on the management team of the Association, with three members each. The other three members including President Vincent Cheung from the Police, Vice President—Technical Claudius Lam from Craigengower Cricket Club and Assistant Honorary Secretary Derek Lee from Kowloon Cricket Club.

President Cheung will also serve his 16th terms in the office. He explained that this year the work will be focused into two areas: “In addition to further developing the sport across the territories, we need to put more emphasis on the elite squad training.” The latter is a result of lawn bowls being granted the status of second level Elite Sport by the Hong Kong Sports Institute two years ago.

“The number of bowlers has increased substantially in the last few years and this provided a continual flow of talent for our elite squad. The recognition by the Government proves that we are on the right track,” said Cheung.

The recognition is based on the results achieved at international competitions so it will be important for the Hong Kong team to perform at this level. “This is the reason why we have invested substantially in the last two years to build a stronger Hong Kong team. With all those improvement in training and the selection process, I am looking forward to another year of success for the national team,” said Cheung.

A number of international competitions are awaiting the Hong Kong team in the next few months, including the Asia Pacific Indoors Singles, Mixed Pairs and Fours in Malaysia next week (Sept 28 to Oct 4), World Junior Championships 2014 in Queensland, Australia from Nov 10 to 16, World Champion of Champions in Christchurch, New Zealand from Nov 24 to 30, and the Asia Championship in Shenzhen, China, from Dec 1 to 8.

Claudius Lam is an Officer with the Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association.

Claudius Lam