"Nine Commentaries" Supporters in China Severely Persecuted by CCP

July 18, 2005Updated: July 18, 2005

The CCP's Vice-Minister of organization recently told the media that, "it is only a rumor that several thousand people have quit the party." At the same time, the CCP intensified its crackdown of supporters of the "Nine Commentaries" and party critics. The Epoch Times website chief editor, Huang Wanqing, said that they are working hard to rescue and support friends in China.

Since the "Nine Commentaries on the CCP" was published, nearly three million people have publicly quit the party on The Epoch Times website. Among them are many well-known democracy activists and dissidents in China. They openly quit the CCP using their real names, creating a very powerful and positive effect in the dissemination of the "Nine Commentaries." As a result, they have been persecuted and harassed by the CCP in various ways. Even though their situation remains difficult, the general public admires them for their courage and sense of justice.

Professor Li from the "Quit the CCP Service Center" said, "History is often written by the few who are courageous. Even though these democracy activists are currently suffering hardships, just as darkness comes before dawn breaks, history will remember them, the people will remember them. The day the CCP is eliminated by history will be the day that these advocates with lofty ideals of saving their country will be able to realize their ambitions."

The current severity of the persecution and harassment of democracy activists and dissidents by the CCP is unprecedented. In April this year, democracy activists in 20 Chinese provinces were summoned for trial and harassed after they supported the New York "One Million People Quit the CCP" parade. Among these activists were: Zeng Ning, Li Renke (Guizhou province), Hu Jia, Zhao Xin (Beijing), Li Guotao (Shanghai), Chen Liangqing (Anhui), Feng Jianxing (Xinjiang), Liu Feiyue (Hubei), Chen Xiaochang (Xianing), Li Xiaolong, Xue Zhenbiao (Guangxi), Huang Xiaomin (Sichuan), Leng Wanbao (Jilin), Wang Wenjiang (Liaoning), Quan Li (Heilongjiang), Xu Gaojin (Jiangxi), Yang Tianshui (Nanjing), Chen Shuqing (Zhejiang) and Wang Fengshan (Gansu). The persecution perpetrated by the CCP includes arrests, house searches, summons for trial, issuing threats, tailing, kidnapping, secret detention, brutal beatings, exerting pressure through their work place and family members, internet and telephone surveillance.

Huang Wanqing, chief editor of The Epoch Times website said, "We are presently working hard to report this abuse of journalists and dissidents to the world's people, human rights organizations, journalists associations, and governments worldwide. and will find ways to support and rescue these friends of democracy in China. The number of people quitting the CCP will break the three million mark very soon. Even former Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin, Tianjin Public Security Bureau officer Hao Fengjun, and Shenyang city Judicial Bureau Chief Han Guangsheng have defected from the CCP and openly quit the party on The Epoch Times website. The CCP is already facing mass opposition and desertion by its former members.

The following are several typical cases of persecution suffered by democracy activists and dissidents:

Zhang Lin: A well known dissident from Anhui province, Zhang Lin published two articles in support of the "Nine Commentaries" in The Epoch Times soon after the commentaries were first published. The articles were titled: "Thoughts after Reading the Nine Commentaries" and "The Power of Great Words – Discussing the Nine Commentaries." In February this year, Zhang Lin was arrested by local police on suspicion of disrupting social order and later charged with subverting political power. The two articles mentioned above were used as evidence against Zhang Lin by the authorities. (See "Anhui province, Bengbu city, People's procuratorate indictment, document no. [2005] 27").

According to the charges made by the Bengbu city procuratorate, since the latter half of 2003, Zhang Lin published 192 articles on the internet. Six of these articles and one interview, incorporating nearly 500 sentences, are classified as having content with the possible intent to subvert political power. On June 21, the Anhui province Bengbu city Intermediate People's Court held a trial on Zhang Lin's case. A decision on this case is still pending.

Zheng Yichun: A poet and political commentator in China, Zheng Yichun was secretly detained by police on December 3, 2004. On February 24, 2005, it was reported in the local Yingkou Daily that, "Zheng Yichun has been arrested for violating section 105 of the penal code – instigating and subverting political power." A close friend of Zheng Yichun told The Epoch Times that she is currently being detained at the Panjin City No. 1 Detention Center.

Chinese poet Yang Chunguang said, "The CCP suspects that Zheng is the author of the 'Nine Commentaries' because he has written over 600 articles, many exposing the CCP's lies. The latest information revealed that authorities intend to use penal code section 106 to give him a severe sentence, claiming that he worked in collusion with outside organizations and individuals." In reality, they are using this excuse to persecute him for publishing articles on The Epoch Times and ChinaEweekly as well as on websites such as Boxun.

Democratic activist Xu Wanping: On April 17, 2005, Xu Wanping accepted an interview with The Epoch Times. He announced his decision to quit the Youth League and said that he represented the democracy activists in Chongqing in supporting the "One Million People Quit the CCP" mass parade in New York City on April 23. Xu Wanping considered that openly quitting the party and the Youth League through public denunciation was both necessary and the most effective. He felt that everyone would be more inclined to enthusiastically respond, and see more clearly the extent of the huge disasters that the CCP has brought upon China and its people. This can help to accelerate the process of turning China towards democracy, as everyone can see even more clearly the true nature of the CCP. This will also shake some sense into those CCP members and cause them to reflect on their evil history. On April 30, around 7:30 a.m., Xu Wanping was taken away by Chongqing policemen. Officers from the National Security Bureau then searched his house, confiscated his computer, documents, savings pass book and cash. Xu Wanping is currently still in detention.

Democracy activist Li Guotao: On April 28 and 29, local police tapped Li Guotao&#039s phone, followed him and restricted his freedom. The police also insulted and beat him. His head and abdomen were injured and his leg is still injured due to the beating.

Mao Guoliang: Well-known democracy activist Mr Mao Guoliang of Zhejiang Taizhou was fired from his job as a teacher. The local Public Security Bureau was in possession of his withdrawal from the CCP in The Epoch Times and ordered the private school where he taught "to fire Mao Guoliang, you are prohibited from employing him." This is the eighth time that Mao Guoliang has lost his job due to interference from the CCP.

Professor Gao Dawei who is in charge of the "Quit the CCP Service Center" said, "Perhaps it is the Falun Gong practitioners and their families who are the most severely persecuted because of the 'Nine Commentaries.' In April 2005, the CCP conducted a mass search within the country, specifically targeting Falun Gong practitioners who have copies of the 'Nine Commentaries.' Accordingly, it was reported that this was the most severe persecution in terms of scope, initiated since July 20, 1999. More than 600 Falun Gong practitioners were arrested. Some people commented this was the first response the CCP has taken against the 'Nine Commentaries.'"

Fifteen-year-old third-year student Duan Xirong was beaten by a teacher in Shandong province, Lai Wu City, Zhang Jia Wa No. 2 Secondary School and expelled for bringing a copy of the "Nine Commentaries" to school. He has not been able to attend school since. According to sources, his father Duan Conghua and mother Meng Chunlan are currently being detained in labor camps for practicing Falun Gong.

Ordinary citizens who quit the CCP using their real names are also harassed. Hubei Wuhan, resident of Guo Lizhu, publicly quit the party on The Epoch Times website. At the same time, the CCP has continually harassed both her and her son Sun Buer. Sun Buer was summoned to the police station for organizing an Internet social group on QQ, and his computer was subsequently confiscated.