‘Nine Commentaries’ Has Changed China, Says Activist

By Luo Ya, Epoch Times
December 2, 2011 8:41 am Last Updated: December 13, 2011 6:50 pm

Hu Jun, a 46 year-old amputee from Xinjiang, who works as a web master for the Human Rights Campaign in China blog, recently shared his thoughts and feelings after reading the Epoch Times’ editorial series, Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

“I think the CCP’s entire history is about making people suffer,” Hu said.

He is speaking from experience. Hu said he lost his legs in a coal mine accident while being wrongfully imprisoned without a trial.

Nineteen years ago Hu was a buyer for a company. One day, his supervisor got into a fight with a customer. Because Hu didn’t come to his defense, the supervisor became upset with him and falsely accused him of fraud. As a result, Hu spent two years in jail between 1992 and 1994, without going through the courts.

While imprisoned, he had to work in a coal mine. Seven months before being released, Hu was injured in a coal mine accident and his legs were amputated. He’s now in a wheel chair. Still he spends long hours at the computer every day to help Chinese petitioners and is concerned with the future direction of Chinese society, he said.

Hu accepted an interview with The Epoch Times, during the seventh anniversary celebrations of the first publication of the Nine Commentaries on Nov. 19, when over 106 million Chinese people had announced their renunciations from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated youth groups.

Here are Hu Jun’s own words describing his thoughts and feelings after reading the Nine Commentaries:

“I think the CCP’s entire history is about making people suffer. However, few people have written about it in this way. When I read the Nine Commentaries after being released from jail, I felt it really described the CCP’s nature and how it tortures people and causes such misery for the Chinese people. I was very surprised and delighted [reading it].

“Throughout its history, we find the CCP has upheld harming people and being indifferent to life as an honorable thing. The Nine Commentaries advocates respect for life. It helps Chinese people to rid themselves of the CCP’s evil nature and to recover their humanity. It awakens Chinese people’s humanity and lifts them out of moral degeneration. It shakes us deeply.

“The CCP’s propaganda is still the same as ever. It divides Chinese people into several ‘enemy’ categories, such as: anti-China, anti-revolutionaries, students of the 1989 Tiananmen massacre, Falun Gong practitioners, human rights activists, and so on. Anyone who concerns himself with others’ suffering is an enemy in the CCP’s eyes.

“If those who reluctantly go along with the CCP can let go of fear, their human side will be awakened when reading the Nine Commentaries. With more people spreading the Nine Commentaries, and more people returning to the side of humanity, more people will let go of the CCP’s system. This is significant for China’s peaceful transition to democracy.

“This approach requires forbearance and a lot of perseverance. It’s the kind of forbearance that Falun Gong adheres to. Spreading the Nine Commentaries to urge people’s withdrawal from the CCP is a cumulative process, [that spreads] little by little. However, over time, this way of accumulation will generate tremendous power. It plays a very big role in the transformation of Chinese society, and it can reduce bloodshed. There are elderly Falun Gong practitioners in their 60s and 70s who continue to work at it incessantly and continuously. I am quite moved [by their efforts]; we young people feel ashamed.

“When we do things bit by bit, we always think it doesn’t work. But the effect multiplies over time, and when it reaches a critical mass, the magnificent display of power will shock people. After everyone is awakened, there will be a greater resonance and power in our hearts. It will continue to spread, and continue to gather into a torrent that disintegrates the CCP. This is the effect of the Nine Commentaries.

“It’s like Ai Weiwei’s art. Each of us is like a sunflower seed. But when there are 100 million sunflower seeds piled up, it’s a spectacular sight.

“When people realize the preciousness of each individual life, their feelings towards life change.

“From the Nine Commentaries people can clearly come to understand the history of blood and tears brought upon us by the CCP to destroy human beings. People are now able to review and reflect on the past, present, and future.”

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