‘Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party’ Celebrates Eighth Anniversary

November 24, 2012 12:17 pm Last Updated: October 1, 2015 11:47 am
Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party book cover
Nine Commentaries book cover.

This month, The Epoch Times’ editorial series ‘Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party’ marked its eight-year anniversary.

The Nine Commentaries details the violent history of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and foretells the Party’s collapse. Since its publication in 2004, tens of millions of mainland Chinese have awakened to the truth and quit the Party, and it has drawn the attention of Chinese around the world.

As of Nov. 20, over 127 million Chinese nationals have declared their withdrawals from the CCP and its affiliated youth organizations—the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers—on The Epoch Times’ Chinese language website.

How mainland China will transition into a society without the Communist Party is now a realistic question for the Chinese people.

Zhang Xinyu, the founder of Global Information Freedom movement, told New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television that the Nine Commentaries is profound, and exposes the CCP in a new way, clearly describing its true nature.

“In the years after the Nine Commentaries was published, everyone suddenly understood things thoroughly,” Zhang said. “Before, we were submerged in an ocean of Communist Party culture, so we couldn’t perceive anything [abnormal].” 

Violent History Revealed

Online author Qingchu said the Nine Commentaries has shocked Chinese people by revealing the Party’s uncensored history, and it has allowed many to understand that the Party was born with blood on its hands. 

“The historical events mentioned in the Nine Commentaries are all well-founded; I’m pretty familiar with these things because I love history,” Qingchu said. “All the historical examples are based on facts, but we in mainland China have been tightly sealed in, so it sounded like fairy tales at first. This book reveals the very root of the Communist Party, that is why the regime is very afraid, and is trying to ban it.”

Qingchu added that CCP leaders keep saying how great communism is, but they all send their children and relatives to western countries. This shows that they don’t really have any confidence in the system, and are only saying this to deceive the public.

Party Will Never Reform

Political commentator Li Shanjian said the Nine Commentaries not only clarifies the nature and history of the CCP, but also explains something deeper about culture and ideology. Many people actually know about the violent history of the Party, Li said, but when a relatively nicer leader gets elected, they start hoping that it will become better. However, after people have read and understood the Nine Commentaries, they realize that reforming the Communist Party is completely impossible.

Li gave three reasons why he thinks the Party will never undergo reform:

First, the CCP has committed too much evil. It has caused the deaths of 80 million Chinese. So many deaths and so many crimes can’t just be ignored.

Second, the CCP’s concern is exclusively and entirely about self-preservation. Maybe some day, or during a short historical period, it might make some concessions regarding democratic or civil reform, but it will only do this to survive longer. When it doesn’t feel the necessity to make concessions, or when it wants to generate fear, it will start killing again without hesitation.

Third, the CCP is blocking China from a better future. Right now, China’s main problem is rapid moral deterioration. If China wants to enter a better future, it must re-establish a moral system. This moral system would be based on China’s traditional, cultural values, and this is in direct conflict with the Communist Party’s ideology. Traditional cultural values cannot co-exist with the CCP. Therefore, there is no hope for China as long as the Communist Party exists.

With research by NTD staff Liu Hui and Li Jian.

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