Night School Star Kevin Hart Defeats Comedian Jimmy Fallon in High School Challenge

August 20, 2019 Updated: August 20, 2019

The star from a movie about a businessman who attends night school to pass his general education development test went back to high school on Aug. 19.

“Night School” lead actor Kevin Hart accepted a challenge from television comedian Jimmy Fallon to see who is the better student. The two spent a day at a typical high school in Queens, New York City, and attended a variety of classes.

“Kevin, you’re in a new movie called Night School and because of that I thought it would be fun if the two of us went back to high school for a day and competed agaisnst each other to see who is the better student,” Fallon said in a video posted to the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Facebook page.

To make the challenge seem more realistic, the students were not informed the celebrities would be joining their classes.

“So we are about to surprise them and crash their classes all day,” Fallon said before putting on his backpack and dancing in the school hallway with Hart.

When the two enter the math classroom, the students gasp in surprise to see their new classmates are television celebrities.

Fallon hands the teacher an apple before taking his seat in the front row of desks, while Hart upstages him by offering the teacher a whole basket of technology products from the Apple corporation.

“An apple, what did you give him an apple for? I don’t know if you are into Apple products but I got you all of them,” Hart joked.

The teacher asks Fallon to help solve an algebraic equation on the board and after he writes his answer underneath, the teacher announces Fallon’s answer is wrong.

In science class, the teacher announces there will be frog dissections. Fallon and Hart initially cheer and appear to be happy to do the work.

However, when the teacher drops the tray on their desk they become queasy and start gagging to avoid vomiting.

At lunch, Fallon joins a table in the cafeteria and tries to share a scientific joke with disastrous consequences.

“A neutron walks into a bar, he goes to the bartender how much for a drink?” he said. “The bartender says well for you, no charge.”

Fallon becomes upset when nobody gets his joke and leave the table, despite Hart’s attempts to coax them back.

“It’s your problem,” Fallon said. “Anyone know what a neutron is? No charge. Nerds!”

During gym class, there is not much dialogue and Hart spends most of his time throwing different balls at Fallon to make him run faster.

At the graduation ceremony, the principal announces the winner and hangs the ceremonial medal around his neck.

“Jimmy we know you tried very very hard and we are very proud of you, but Kevin, you are the better student,” the principal said.

The student-filled audience roared with excitement and gave a standing ovation after Hart offered to invite the entire school to preview his movie before its official release.

“The entire school is going to go and see my movie Night School, you guys get to see it before anybody else,” Hart said.

The video had been viewed more than 6 million times, got over 28,000 reactions, and nearly 6,000 shares at the time of this publication.