Nexus 9 / HTC Volantis Rumors: ‘Nexus 8’ Spotted on Shipping Order, Report Says

Details about Google’s next Nexus device–if there is one–are still unclear, with rumors saying that the leaked HTC “Volantis” will be either the Nexus 8 or Nexus 9.

A new report from tech website BGR says that while the name isn’t clear, two shipping manifests were leaked on website Zauba, based in India.

The site says that the shipments include a “Nexus8 prototype tablet similar to Nexus(7),” as well as a “Nexus8 prototype tablet,” which are dated June 30 and July 4, respectively. The Nexus 8 value is about $267.

Other details weren’t revealed by Zauba. It’s also unclear if the site is listing the same device.

HTC is said to be producing the next Google Nexus tablet, and noted leaker website Evleaks posted what it says is the HTC “Volantis” late last month. 

Two weeks ago, Android Police reported that Google and HTC prepping the Nexus 9 / “Volantis.”

“We don’t have news about whether a Nexus phone exists, but we do have information related to HTC’s Volantis (or Flounder), an 8.9″ Nexus tablet. The information provided to us indicates possible specs, features, and pricing, as well as an early look at the form factor, though the images we have don’t appear to be final renderings of the device,” the blog says.

It added: “This information won’t be treated as a rumor, since we feel confident in our information, and we’ve heard about Volantis from multiple sources as early as Q1 2014. This is one of the rare instances where we will be sharing a source image.” 

The site noted that the tablet is referred to internally as the Nexus 9, and it didn’t make any mention of the Nexus 8.

BGR reports that the device–whatever it’s called–is slated for release in 2014.