Nexus 9: HTC Volantis Leak Emerges; Is Device Replacing the Rumored Google Nexus 10 2?

HTC is said to be producing the “Volantis,” or the Nexus 9, tabet, according to recent rumors.

Android Police reported that the 8.9-inch tablet is getting closer and closer to completion.

“We don’t have news about whether a Nexus phone exists, but we do have information related to HTC’s Volantis (or Flounder), an 8.9″ Nexus tablet. The information provided to us indicates possible specs, features, and pricing, as well as an early look at the form factor, though the images we have don’t appear to be final renderings of the device,” the blog writes.

Android Police wrote it’s confident in the information it was supplied, adding that it’s not a rumor.

The specs for the device include the aforementioned 8.9-inch display at 2048×1440 (281ppi), NVIDIA Logan 64-bit processor (Tegra K1), 2GB of ram, 16 / 32GB storage, 8MP OIS main camera and a 3MP front facing camera, as well as aluminum zero-gap construction.


According to, it’s been suggested that the price for the tablet will vary. The 16GB variant will cost $399 while the 32GB variant will sell for $499. LTE connectivity will come likely as an add-on.

“With rumors that the Nexus 6 was canceled in light of the Android Silver program, it’s important to be cautious when approaching any information regarding future Nexus devices. That said, a source familiar with Volantis tells us that the hardware already exists, and that the tablet is already being toted around by some at Google,” Android Police wrote.

Over the weekend, the “Volantis” was apparently leaked again by Evleaks, which posted a photo.  

A few weeks ago, there were rumors saying the Nexus 9 would be replacing the long-awaited Nexus 10 2.