Nexus 8 Tablet Release Date: Qualcomm, Android 4.5 Lollipop Rumored on Tablet

A report is saying the Google Nexus 8 tablet will feature a Qualcomm applications processor and will run on the Android 4.5 “Lollipop” OS.

The Motley Fool said a leak indicates that the applications processor will be 64-bit compatible.

“The Snapdragon 610/615 will pack a bit more ‘oomph,’ and would be the logical successors to the Snapdragon 600-esque (it is Snapdragon S4 Pro’s CPU with Snapdragon 600’s graphics block) chip found inside of the 2013 edition of the Nexus 7. But Qualcomm has indicated that these parts will be available ‘by the end of 2014,’ putting them out of the running. The higher end Snapdragon 808/810 parts won’t be available until 2015, so those are out too,” the website says.

The report also notes that the Nexus 8 will probably be launched at the Google I/O conference later in June.

However, the 64-bit Qualcomm or NVIDIA chips will probably not coincide with the conference, meaning that Intel will be the best choice for the tablet.

According to Gotta be Mobile, there are rumors saying the Nexus 8 will be made by HTC instead of Asus, which manufactured the Nexus 7. HTC, the makers of the HTC One m8 phone, manufactured the original Nexus One.

Another rumor from Android Geeks said the Nexus 8 will be launched in July–the Nexus 7 was also released at the same time last year.