December 15, 2019 Updated: December 15, 2019

I just wanted to say, this newspaper is incredible. I haven’t watched or read news for I guess 15 years or so, not only because it always seems so wildly slanted, but also because I struggle with depression, and just hearing that everything is terrible, gloomy, and getting worse makes me feel awful.

Your newspaper is not like that at all. I love that there are positive human interest stories reported that give me the faith I should want to get out of my home and make a difference in the world instead of hiding in a closet trembling.

My favorite part is that the news is so neutral in the way it’s written. A lot of people in both Liberal and Conservative camps write in such a way that I kind of feel like I’m reading a pep rally for one “team” rather than actual news. I think your authors do an outstanding job with their reporting information and letting the reader draw their own conclusions.

I’m very happy I stumbled upon a youtube ad for your newspaper. This newspaper is definitely worth a subscription!