Newborn twins stun the whole room after birth

July 5, 2019 Updated: July 5, 2019

A parent recorded the moment newborn twins embraced one another.

“Our twin boys comforting each other shortly after birth. One of our greatest hopes when we found out we were having twins was that, as they grew, they would be good friends and support one another. Seeing them comfort each other just moments after birth was almost like the first step in that special relationship. They recognized each other immediately, having previously formed that special relationship,” according to Dane Lyman, who uploaded the video.

He didn’t provide any other details.

Another Viral Hug

Earlier this year, an Australian woman’s twins were seen hugging after meeting for the first time out of the womb, according to Very Well Family.

Ann Lee, the mother, wrote: “27 days after birth the girls finally got to meet. Zoe immediately went in for the hug.”

“My heart just instantly melted,” Le told People. “After all the difficult weeks of keeping them apart, I was so relieved they could be reunited and had an ingrained bond.”

“Olivia was placed on my chest first, followed by Zoe who reached out her left arm in preparation to hug her sister,” Le said, referring to the

to the outlet. “They both just laid on my chest and snuggled up to each other for a while. Everything was perfect — we finally felt like a family.”

Le said that the encounter in the photo was the first time she had contact with her twins.

“Unfortunately because they were so little, I missed out on immediate skin to skin with them as they had to be taken to intensive care for breathing support,” Le said on Instagram. “But I knew this coming into surgery and was just happy they were alive and kicking!”