Newark Shootings Send Three to Hospital

May 5, 2010 Updated: May 5, 2010

Newark police have confirmed that three men suffered gunshot wounds in the city’s West Ward and were taken in for medical care on Tuesday.

An unknown gunman reportedly walked into a residence on South Street and opened fire on the three men. Two men were rushed to University Hospital in New Jersey while the third drove to the hospital alone, reported CBS News.

The two had gunshot wounds in the lower halves of their bodies and are reported to be in stable condition. No information was given out about the condition of the third victim.

Newark Police told CBS that they have not found a motive for the shooting and are currently investigating leads.

In 2009, Newark’s murder rate was the lowest that it has been in 50 years but in 2010, the murder rate bilked the trend and rose 9 percent. Also, the number of rape crimes has increased to an alarming 29 percent in the city. Newark usually sees 10 or more homicides per quarter, according to crime statistics.

Anyone with information regarding the shooting or any other Newark crimes are encouraged to contact 1-877-NWK-TIPS.